Work It! Work It!

  1. I have a calendar (or right now I just us the TF/CX Hybrid schedule) and I cross off every day I complete the WO or I eat right.  If I only do half the plan then that’s one line, do both that’s the X.  I realized I have to change my food cheat day. I do not want to have my food cheat day and a rest day on the same day. Also even though I will be cheating for the food one day a week it will still get crossed off as following the plan because it’s part of the plan, just like a rest day for the work out.
  2. Go grocery shopping on the same day every week. This really helps you learn just how much food you need in one week, stops you from running out of food and subsequently grabbing fast food, and it seems to help me with food waste.
  3. Start with one or two meal choices for each meal/snack for the week.  I don’t know about anyone else, but if something is tasty I can definitely eat it more than once a week. If you have 2 options that you really love it will save you money, you will enjoy the diet, and you won’t get sick of it.  I plan on changing one meal (not for the whole week just one day) after the first week.  That way most days I will have only one or two options for everything, but one day I will have something that I don’t normally eat. (Make sense?)
  4. Add a cheat day. When I lost weight after h.s. I had to work around Sunday dinners at my Grandma’s. I couldn’t ask her to make WW food and I couldn’t not eat. I would hurt her feelings.  With WW there used to be a daily point range. I would eat on the low end of my point range every day of the week, except on Sunday. You also got “bonus” points to use for the week. I would eat very light in the morning and afternoon and then eat whatever I wanted at my Grandma’s.  It also helps because frankly, will power doesn’t exist.  If I want a cookie and I think I will never be allowed to have a cookie (or 12) again if I want to lose weight I will never lose weight. I love chocolate and fresh from the oven cookies too much.  However, I can tell myself that on Sunday I will be able to eat whatever I want (although I still eat light in the morning) if I just wait and I will lose weight.  Plus I love suspense once I get into the habit of delayed gratification with food and the added satisfaction of a few meals that I really love I am good to go. I look forward to that cookie (or cheeseburger, fries and a piece of chocolate cake) so much and I enjoy it a billion times more. And a strange side effect is that sometimes I am willing to split the food because I find if I don’t eat it all the time, I don’t need as much to get the feel good comfort emotions from eating it.
  5. Track your progress one way or another. Either weighing yourself once a week, measuring yourself once a week, taking photos once a month, or something I found that really helps for the mental cohesion of the body transformation: Get some butcher block paper and hang it on the wall (you may need a second person so find someone who really likes your feelings) stand in front of the paper (swimsuit is probably best, unless the other person is used to seeing you naked) have them draw on one piece of paper your outline with you standing with your back to the paper and then on another piece of paper with your side to it (profile shot). Then every time you hit a 10lb. loss, using the same pieces of paper draw your new shape inside your old one. I like the idea of coloring in the space between the lines to really see the difference. You will be able to really get a sense of just how much less space you are taking up.  I read about this in a book or article once about helping young girls with self-esteem. They drew themselves on the paper and then colored in their body with things they loved or what their body could do. I thought, since women tend to see themselves as taking up more space than they really do, that this would be a great exercise in seeing just how much space you really take up.
  6. Don’t stop!
  7. Be nice to yourself when you need it and tough on yourself when you need that.
  8. Celebrate all your progress not just your weight/measurement progress. This will definitely help you enjoy the process so much more and recognize all the benefits of a healthy life style.

That’s all for now, but check back periodically!


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