Work It! Work It!

ChaLEAN Extreme

Turbo Fire

Escali Scale

Tape measure

Regular old dumb bells (although I would like to get the Bowflex Select Tech Weights)

My Plate

Heart Rate Monitor Mine stopped working. It’s a pain in the A** to get something fixed by polar. I just hate having to mail stuff in. Especially when I bought it from a store and I’ve had it for less than 2 years. I probably won’t be buying from them again as I seem to have an issue with every monitor I have purchased through them. I think I will save up for one of those fancy “life style” monitors.

GoFit Band Kit

I usually exercise barefoot, but I think for TF I will need shoes to absorb the shock avoid any rug burns on my toes.

This blog

The Beach Body message boards over at

A Calendar/the hybrid schedule photo copied and stuck to the wall.

A log for my strength exercises. Knowing I went up 3 or 4 lbs on an exercise is pretty motivating.

The Good Mood Diet

*I do not get paid for saying I use any of these. I could be a coach with beachbody, but I don’t really want to at this time. Also they wouldn’t pay me for saying I use it, only if you bought it through me. ¬†Everything is just what I’m actually using for my own benefit


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