Work It! Work It!

My mom died when I was 15, leaving me and my brothers with out parents. I moved out on my own and while I did know how to cook a little (mac and cheese) I had no idea about nutrition. I also hated (hate) doing the dishes and with my h.s. boyfriend working at Hardees I was no match for fast food.

Fast food may not have been that big of an issue since I was used to eating very little. However, my sophomore year of h.s. I played soccer and lifted weights every day.  After I stopped playing soccer and lifting weights every day I kept eating like I was burning all those calories.

Until this point I was always a very active kid. I lived in the country (town of 150 people). We played in the woods, rode our bikes to go swim all day, rode horses, and pretty much ran around acting wild.

Back up to my freshman year of h.s. I started sleeping a lot. I would come home from school and sleep until dinner, then go back to bed.  This happened quite a bit.

Starting h.s I was a size 6 weighing around 130. During soccer I was the same size but I weighed in the 160’s. By the end of h.s. I was a size 13.  The next two years I gained even more weight eventually reaching a tight size 16 and 188 lbs.

I had no support system at this time. I felt very distant from my family. Luckily I had a great therapist to help me deal with everything.  I got on weight watchers and after struggling for about 6 months, I stopped going to the meetings. However, I kept doing the program. The weight came off a little at a time. I also moved from southern IL to Chicago which added greatly to my daily activity.  I really started to lose weight around April 2003. By October I was down to a size 12 (if I remember correctly.)  I plateaued there until the spring. (Winter in Chicago = Hibernation!) Then I took an amazing pilates class and tried to go to the Y a few times a week.  After the pilates class ended (I saw amazing results in my belly in only 1 hour a week for 4 or 6 weeks) I switched gyms and got a work out buddy. Although I was not as faithful as he was we did yoga, pilates, and boot camp classes here and there for a few months.  By this time I was down to 150 or so.

I needed work and saw an advertisement for Herbalife.  I did not last as a sales person for them, but I did give their program a try for the 30 days I paid for. I dropped the last 15 lbs and I looked and felt great. Although it took me a very long time to get my brain to realize I was not over weight any more.

I found a job at a hotel that kept me very busy and then a job at concierge company. Luckily I lived in a neighborhood that was close enough to everything so I could walk if I wanted to and I usually did.

In the spring of 2006 I started college.  Not just any college, but art school. Yes it sounds fun and easy, but the schedule was 5 days a week and at least 8:30 am – 2:30 pm.  Sometimes later.   I also moved to a neighborhood that was an hour + walk from school. However, I had a bike.  I still managed to stay pretty active until I moved again. This time to a very country suburb. The commute was 2 hours each way.  I still walked from the train to school (20 minutes) but did not take time to prepare my meals for the day. I had to get up early and hated carrying all that food with me.  Fast food was an easy option and I had selective amnesia about when I gained weight the first time.

The following fall the school changed their schedule so I was gone from home 12-16 hours a day. I did not stand a chance.  Add in the stress of senior year and my own personal struggle against the administration of the school. It was literally all I could do to roll out of bed every morning.

That spring was more of the same. When I wasn’t at school I was either asleep or on the weekends I would lay in bed zoned out.

Also the summer of 2006 I was diagnosed with severe depression. I have been struggling with depression and anxiety since I can remember.  Every medication I have tried has given me awful side-effects. The last of which caused me to sleep over half the day for the last year.

I also struggle with fatigue on my own, let alone adding in pills that make me sleep all the time. This caused a 10lb weight gain in the year and a half I have been out of school. Well helped with it. It has been very tough for me to stay away from the fast food.

To help with my mood/fatigue/brain fog/etc. I love the Good Mood Diet. It’s amazing and really made me see just how food can fuel the body if we set it up correctly. That helped me kick the fast food habit.  However, I wasn’t losing weight. I decided that I need to lose weight and as fast as I could.  I was tired of losing the same 5lbs and gaining one or two more.  I have tried Beach Body before and right after I graduated I bought ChaLean Extreme. I hoped the many work outs would help me fight the boredom of exercise. I was close, but I still hated the cardio. I did not finish CX that time. I made it to the second phase, but was not stretching enough and my body became very tired.  I am sure I wasn’t really eating well either.

On December 9th 2010 I started CX again. By the end of the first week I realized I wasn’t going to last if I didn’t find a way to supplement the cardio. Enter Chalene’s Turbo Fire which comes with a hybrid schedule.. I ordered it and started my second week of CX.

Originally I planned on just getting rid of the CX cardio and using TF then. After looking at the Hybrid schedule though I decided to just go for it. On December 23rd I started my first week of the hybrid, but on week 3 of the program so I wouldn’t feel like the previous 2 weeks were for nothing.

The first two weeks I also tried to go back to Herbalife. I gained weight the first week and even though I lost weight the second week I decided I would not be able to pull off such an intense program if I did not eat balanced meals that helped make my body as efficient as it can be.

This is where the blog starts off.  I hope you enjoy reading and I really hope I can help other people with the same/similar goals.


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