Work It! Work It!

{January 8, 2014}   Hey there, 2014.

*sigh. I let the over time turn into moving an hour and a half away from the gym I love, into never going back to the gym. Much sad.

I am around 200 lbs right now. I think 198.  So disappoint.

However, I have been getting on and off WW since October. I keep getting sick 2 weeks after I start. In October I was walking 2.5 miles a day and doing yoga every day. It was great. Now the weather is crappy and I refuse to go outside unless I need food. Although I did walk a mile, in the snow, Saturday.

The good news is I am back on WW as of Monday (yesterday) and I am doing Nerd Fitness ( I have a main mission, which is to lose 40 lbs of fat and gain about 30 lbs of muscle.  This is going to take awhile.

My first 6 week missions are:

1. Follow WW every day…so far so good.
2. First 3 weeks, 2 body weight work outs a week and 1 yoga, no matter how long. Second 3 weeks, 3 body weight work outs, 1 yoga, 10 minutes of rowing. … This is my first official week of the challenge, but last week I did all the work outs. I am up from 3 reg push ups and 7 on my knees to 5 reg push ups and 5 on my knees.

3. I do not drink soda. So far so good.

I haven’t looked at this blog since I stopped posting, almost 2 years ago. How does time even go that fast? It kind of freaks me out. However, I really like the way I had all the calories I burned and such in the first posts. I don’t have a heart rate monitor any  more and I don’t even know if those are very accurate. I do have an UP, by Jawbone. I haven’t been wearing it because it is a bit uncomfortable to sleep in. Also, it is in  my RV (I live in an RV now) and right now I am at my “job” where I live with a 94 yr old woman during the week. This is only for a few more weeks though.  Then I will be heading to Florida.

Anywho, enough about  me, let’s talk about fitness.

I really miss that old gym. It was the only thing that really helped me, exercise wise.  But, I am still trying and I am down 7-9 lbs from when I started in October. I will know for sure tomorrow. I am excited I managed to maintain that.

I’m picking myself up and starting over…again.

I’m doing a mix of Paleo and Weight Watchers. I want to get back to The Good Mood Diet, but I will do that by making small changes.

Tomorrow I will list what I am doing now, as far as my work out program and where I plan to go with it.

I did not want to work out today, but I managed to get going and once I warmed up I got into it.


et cetera