Work It! Work It!

{April 8, 2012}   Slowly, But Surely

I started CX again yesterday. It’s only temporary though. I am working 10 hour days right now and there’s no way I can get to the gym. Even if I did make it to the gym I would have to go to bed as soon as I got home and we all know going to bed after a hard-core work out really isn’t possible. 

I have steadily been losing. As of last Monday I am at 186.2.  That’s 17 lbs.

I have not been eating well though. I’m really stuck on what kind of snacks to eat and what to eat for dinner. Breakfast and lunch are easy and healthy. However, with 10 hour days a girl can only carry so much fruit. My awesome boss brings in donuts every day. I usually cave every other day. 

My plan is to get up at 4:45 am. (WTF, that is disgusting.) This will give me a bit of time for a work out before I leave for the job. Then I can just fall into bed when I get home. I’m determined not to lose all the progress I’ve made over the last few months. I want to keep my strength up. I’m hoping that after the month of overtime I will be able to hit my gym again. And maybe finally hit that elusive 20lb mark. 

On the plus side I feel so good about myself. Sure, I still have a fat day here and there, but my clothes fit better. I don’t worry about looking fat any more. Probably because most people don’t believe me when I say how much I weigh.

Not that I go around telling everyone how much I weigh. That would be weird.  


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