Work It! Work It!

{February 4, 2012}   Wuz UUUUPPPPP?

The past couple of weeks I’ve slacked a little bit. I didn’t have gas so I didn’t make it to the gym more than once a week at best. I was pretty bummed about a few things and didn’t have money for healthy food so I just had to eat what was already in the house or what my Grandma made. 

Yesterday I went back though and I realized I could do the standing tricep dips (with out a machine assist) with knee raises when the first day I want I could barely do just the tricep dips.

I was pretty proud of myself. My triceps are probably the second weakest money right after my delts.

It’s hard getting back on tracking my food, but when I do these work outs it is really easy to eat healthy. I just find it really hard to eat out of my points range because I worked so hard. I don’t even eat the 9 points I earn from the work out.  Although yesterday’s points are going to what I’ve eaten this week already. It wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t good and it wasn’t tracked. 

My goal is to be in shape by this summer. For reals. Since I am building muscle I’m hoping that I could only need to lose about 40 lbs total and replace 30 lbs of fat with muscle. I don’t know how long that would take, I’m just hoping that I notice the changes faster. 


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