Work It! Work It!

{December 28, 2011}   Why, hello there.


My breakfast!  Since I now have a smartphone I can take pics of my food and post them relatively effortlessly.

I’m back on weight watchers and I signed up for 25 sessions with a trainer.  They are not necessarily private but they are kicking my butt.

This breakfast is 11 pts because my coffee creamer added 3. It’s scrambled eggs with cherry tomatoes, mushrooms and spinach with low fat mozzarella.

I think I am down 10 lbs, but I won’t know for sure until the trainer weighs me. I mean 10 lbs from my highest weight and about 4 from when he first weighed me.

I also may have found a running buddy. He has run 7 marathons. I am going to try for two sessions with the trainer, two running, and one yoga a week. At least until I am better at the running and the sessions.


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