Work It! Work It!

{November 25, 2011}   Happy Holidays

Yesterday and the day before kind of kicked my ass. Wednesday I was feeling pretty bummed all day and then the fucking bar down the street kept me up until 2am. Thursday I did not have time to work out before heading to see my Gramps at the nursing home since the whole up til 2 thing. Then I went to two other dinners. I didn’t eat anything at the second last dinner and took my desert from the first one home. 

So technically I am behind a day already this month. I have not decided if I am going to do two work outs one day (one would be an ab work out) or if I’m just going to chalk it up to the holiday.

My eating has been pretty bad as well. Not just the holiday but the day before, since I was feeling bummed out, I went to a diner. I wanted to get out of the house and just chill somewhere. It helped while I was there, but as soon as I left I was bummed again.

Today my Grandma made biscuits and gravy since my Uncle was leaving right after. They were tasty. Although after my work out today (Scuplt 30) I had my chocolate milk and for dinner I will make fish tacos. MMMMM. 

Tomorrow I am going to the St. Louis Art Museum with my niece. I probably won’t be able to have my snacks, at least not the first one, but for lunch I think we will get Subway to take with us.  Or maybe I will take us out to St. Louis Bread Company.  That would be tasty.


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