Work It! Work It!

{November 8, 2011}   UGH!

I am in a PISSY mood. I am so grumpy. My work out sucked so hard.

If you haven’t noticed my diet has not been the best. Of course, I’m still taking it easy on myself, but today, for instance, I went to paint with my friend Lynn. Well, we paint at her cafe. She gets really pissed when people bring in food or drinks to her place. Even though I’m there for hours so we can paint together I feel like I am obligated to buy her food instead of bring my shakeology. Her food is great, don’t get me wrong, but it’s expensive and I want to eat healthy.

Wednesday I will bring a shake and my snacks just because it’s about more than not offending a friend.

My breakfasts have been good, it’s really been the dinners that get me. I haven’t had fish for dinner in quite a few days. Tonight, my priority is to eat the fish.

Back to my work out. BAAAAAAAAHHHHH! It was awful. I feel like I’m getting worse. I know that’s a sign of over working, but I don’t know if it’s really over working or eating shitty. The fact that all my muscles felt tight even though yesterday was a stretch day leads me to think it’s really just over working. Or at least over working is part of it.

Also, everything went wrong. My fan quit working half way through and again, I live with my Gram’s right now so seriously hot house. By the end, my skin felt like it was on fire. I couldn’t get the moves down so I was always a move behind or on the wrong leg/hand. I had to stop a couple of times to catch my breath and three times I had to get more water. I was so tight during the 10 minute stretch.

Clearly my attitude was taking a day off.

On my calendar I have written out all of my work outs until April. This week I am going to Florida for a few days so I had to move my day off. This means that the last day we are on the road coming back is Fire 45 EZ. I was planning on trying my best to get it in. Depending on how late we get back. I also have a county board meeting to go to that night. It’s pretty important that I don’t miss it.

However, I think I will plan to take that day off. I think if I rest from the Fire 45 EZ one week I should feel better the following week.

I think looking forward to a week with out this particular routine, to give my mind and body a rest, will help with my attitude. Over working has been my down fall in the past. It is so frustrating to see yourself getting worse instead of better when you are working so damn hard. I won’t do that to myself again.

The next 2 weeks look like this : tone 30/stretch 10, fire 30/stretch 10, stretch 40, core 20/stretch 10, day off, stretch 40, fire 45 ez/or day off, tone 30 stretch 10, day off, fire 30/stretch 10, core 20/stretch 10, fire 45 ez, core 20/stretch 10.

I would still be getting in a fire 45 ez next week. I just wouldn’t be getting two.

I’m pretty sure I’m okay with that. I’d rather plan and take an extra day off than get burnt out and quit.

My face right now: 😡


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