Work It! Work It!

{November 8, 2011}   Grouchy Mood Update

After my work out I had my feel good snack of cranberries/cashews/v8 and water. Then for dinner I wasn’t very hungry and I was feeling pretty grouchy still, with a side of lazy bones. Or more specifically, pouty I don’t want to do anything because none of it really matters.

I made a very simple fish and baked potato for dinner. Usually I would make a veggies for a side, but like I said, lazy bones.

Almost an hour after I started eating and I’m pretty happy. My brain is all: “Tra La La La La.”

I think that is part of the reason I fall off any wagon I hop on. I stop doing what makes me feel good. Then I feel bad. Those bad feelings make me think, why bother. I don’t bother.

I’m also very sleepy. I’m going to have my hot chocolate in about an hour and then I will probably hit the bed earlier than usual.


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