Work It! Work It!

{November 1, 2011}   Stretch 40

😦 My post about tonight’s work out and how I kicked it’s ass accidentally disappeared. *sigh. I hate it when I am typing, hit the back space and instead of deleting the letter, for no reason, decides to take me to the previous page. GRRRR

Although, all I did was brag about how I can do the plank and tricep push ups (although only half way down) on my feet instead of knees. How, I actually didn’t mind repeating the same few stretches 6 times (3x’s on each side) and that it actually went pretty fast now that I am becoming stronger and more flexible.

I was also mentioning how I was extremely tired and would have napped if it wasn’t for all the water I drank (and subsequent pee breaks every 20 minutes or so,) but now that I’ve stretched and had my super energy snack (minus the v8 that I ran out of) I am ready to walk back to the studio and put some paint down.

After a pee break of course.

Tomorrow is rest day! Which means one whole day for me to look forward to another work out. 🙂 Absence does indeed make the heart grow fonder.


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