Work It! Work It!

{October 31, 2011}   Sweat!

Yesterday was Stretch 40. It was a nice, easy day. I like easy days. It was also Sunday. That means Sunday dinner with the fam and lots of delicious, fattening foods. I can really feel the difference with how I eat during the week and how I eat on Sunday. I am always a little more energized after each meal/snack on the GMD. Sunday though, I am wiped out. I just want to nap. No wonder I was always so tired! If every meal I eat makes me want to sleep afterward. Geez. I need to tattoo that on my forehead.

Yesterday i woke up starving. I had planned on having some scrambled eggs and coffee. I wanted to start the day light, cuz I knew what was comin’. Unfortunately (actually fortunately) my Grandma was up making breakfast when I walked in the kitchen. Not just any breakfast, my favorite breakfast. That’s right. Biscuits and Gravy. B’s & G’s. MMMMMMM I can’t resist. It’s the Southern Bell bred into me. And by Southern Bell I mean deep, Tennessee mountain poor trash. LOL. (While I don’t think my ancestors were trash, what is left of their genes in TN certainly is.)

Any who……. oh yeah. Biscuits and gravy, scrambled eggs and a straight from the garden tomato. (The last is what really brings it home for me, but I won’t turn it away if the tomato isn’t there.) Yep. I enjoyed every bite.

Let me tell you though, today, it was very easy to go back on the GMD. I was ready for it.

Today was Fire 45 EZ. Clearly not my favorite work out. Half way through though, I realized I was happy it was a 45 EZ day. That meant tomorrow is not. 😀

I saved up my energy during the first half of the work out. I either stepped into the punches or just stood there and moved my hips. I know, it’s not good for my knees, but it’s not good for my motivation for my calves to be on fire right from the start.

This work out is a lot of bouncing on the balls of the feet or toes.

Don’t worry though, I really brought it during the finale, which is always the fun part anyway. I think working like that will help me appreciate this work out much more and allow me to build up my calf endurance. I mean, why go super hard on the part that I don’t like if it’s going to make me really weak for the part that I do like?

I am working on making the back of my door an inspiration board. I keep it closed whenever I am in my room so my dogs don’t run around and when I’m sitting in bed and I look up it’s right in my face.


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