Work It! Work It!

{October 30, 2011}   So Flexy

Today was Core 20 and Stretch 10. I am already exponentially more flexible than I was 6 days ago. It’s kinda crazy. And by kinda I mean totally.

(Speaking of so flexy, Katie, have you noticed the girl during the straddle stretch who puts her arms through her legs and stretched out on the floor behind her? Maybe we’ve discussed this already. Insane!)

I don’t know what I’m eating for dinner since I ran out of fish. I was going to defrost some chicken, but Gram’s seems to have eaten it all. I need to remember that the next time she tells my Uncle I’m eating her out of house and home. (I barely eat any of “her food” and what I do eat, (milk and eggs) I replace.) ‘Tis the life living with a sort of senile little old lady.


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