Work It! Work It!

{October 29, 2011}   GMD update

Can I just tell you why I love the good mood diet? After 5 days on it, I’m sitting here after dinner and I just feel happy. For no reason. Nothing happened between dinner and now that hasn’t happened every day. But I feel like smiling. I almost feel like laughing.

I feel like I’m actually worth the effort it takes to lose weight.

I can’t say how long this will last or that I won’t fall off of it in the future, but it’s so nice to know that food can do this and it should do this. Unfortunately all the junk that Americans are now addicted to literally make us feel like shit. It really does make us feel like what we eat. But chemical balance does not need to come from pills with awful side-effects.

I’m not even being strict with this diet. Here’s what I’ve been eating every day (minus the candy bar or two and the spaghetti-o’s) Breakfast: 2-3 eggs, flaxseed on toast with spray butter, glass of milk and a piece of fruit. Snack: beef jerky and a 100 calorie yogurt. Lunch: 1/2 can chicken noodle soup and a spinach salad with chicken, shredded parm and vinegrette dressing. Snack 2: (The best snack for an afternoon energy boost) roughly 2 tbsp dried cranberries, 6 whole cashews (I forget just how many it’s supposed to be) a can of v8 and a glass of water. Dinner: sauteed spinach and parm with tomatoes, tilapia, baked potato. Snack 3: homemade hot chocolate.

Luckily I really like all that stuff (except the flax seed and the second snack, but I eat it anyway, oh and the yogurt.) But I don’t have to eat it. I do it because it’s convenient. When I want a change up I can. The reason I eat them for now is to help me think less about the diet and just do it, as well as, getting comfortable with it enough to start adding on. It takes a good week or so to get used to everything. And like I said that’s not even the actual real diet. It’s close, but I think I need some more fruit and veggies in there. Or maybe it’s milk and “bread.”

Maybe my piece of fish was just bigger tonight, but like I said, keep giving me those omega 3’s. 😀


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