Work It! Work It!

{October 28, 2011}   Fire 45 EZ

I finally got to try out my new shoes. My feet were pretty hot today! Also my toes were a bit worn out as were my calves. On the plus side, I am pretty certain that is the work out I needed different shoes for anyway and since I am way more out of shape than I was before, things are looking up.

I pretty much used the new-to-class feature as time to pace then I walked through most of the work out. Although, noet to self, during the first round of heels/high knees, don’t go all out. You are barely half way through the work out and you still have the left side to go. (They are just so fun though!)

I was still sweating profusely through the work out, partly because my room is a sauna, partly because even doing this work out low-impact and low speed, it is still a crazy work out. I can’t wait until my endurance (both lungs and legs) are up to the task of going full out. This one pretty much has everything I love in it.

Yesterday I had another mars bar after dinner. It was the very last one and it kept whispering sweet nothings to me.

On another food related note, I am trying to find grass-fed beef. One would think it would be easy to find where I now live. It’s nothing but cows and corn. Unfortunately the corn feeds the cows and most of the cows are dairy anyway.

The main reason I am on this search is because a blog I am reading keeps touting the amazing taste of this holy grail of beef. As a beef lover, I must have some. Another reason is because, according to claims, not only can you get almost all of your nutrients from this beef, but also omega 3 fatty acids! Omega 3s make my brain very happy indeed. Just come talk to me after I eat a particularly ripe avocado sometime. I may as well be high. At least that’s what I assume being high on the mary jane feels like. Everything just seems better. I’m not so sure I follow the line of thinking that you can get everything just from the beef, but if the hormones and chemicals can be passed on, why wouldn’t the nutrients, but what nutrients are in grass? Plus, as I said, I just want some damn good beef.

We all know home grown tomatoes are the only ones to eat (if you don’t, I pity you like I’ve never pitied before.) You will never catch me eating a slice of store bought tomato on anything. I would rather go without. Sure I may use it in something I’m cooking, but only if it can mix with other flavors. (On another side note, side-noteception, homegrown tomatoes added to jarred spaghetti sauce makes my head explode with amazingness.)

I’m sure another fish and baked potato night for me. I ran out of spinach though, so maybe broccoli. I wish I had some cauliflower. Mmmm pan roasted cauliflower.


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