Work It! Work It!

{October 31, 2011}   Sweat!

Yesterday was Stretch 40. It was a nice, easy day. I like easy days. It was also Sunday. That means Sunday dinner with the fam and lots of delicious, fattening foods. I can really feel the difference with how I eat during the week and how I eat on Sunday. I am always a little more energized after each meal/snack on the GMD. Sunday though, I am wiped out. I just want to nap. No wonder I was always so tired! If every meal I eat makes me want to sleep afterward. Geez. I need to tattoo that on my forehead.

Yesterday i woke up starving. I had planned on having some scrambled eggs and coffee. I wanted to start the day light, cuz I knew what was comin’. Unfortunately (actually fortunately) my Grandma was up making breakfast when I walked in the kitchen. Not just any breakfast, my favorite breakfast. That’s right. Biscuits and Gravy. B’s & G’s. MMMMMMM I can’t resist. It’s the Southern Bell bred into me. And by Southern Bell I mean deep, Tennessee mountain poor trash. LOL. (While I don’t think my ancestors were trash, what is left of their genes in TN certainly is.)

Any who……. oh yeah. Biscuits and gravy, scrambled eggs and a straight from the garden tomato. (The last is what really brings it home for me, but I won’t turn it away if the tomato isn’t there.) Yep. I enjoyed every bite.

Let me tell you though, today, it was very easy to go back on the GMD. I was ready for it.

Today was Fire 45 EZ. Clearly not my favorite work out. Half way through though, I realized I was happy it was a 45 EZ day. That meant tomorrow is not. 😀

I saved up my energy during the first half of the work out. I either stepped into the punches or just stood there and moved my hips. I know, it’s not good for my knees, but it’s not good for my motivation for my calves to be on fire right from the start.

This work out is a lot of bouncing on the balls of the feet or toes.

Don’t worry though, I really brought it during the finale, which is always the fun part anyway. I think working like that will help me appreciate this work out much more and allow me to build up my calf endurance. I mean, why go super hard on the part that I don’t like if it’s going to make me really weak for the part that I do like?

I am working on making the back of my door an inspiration board. I keep it closed whenever I am in my room so my dogs don’t run around and when I’m sitting in bed and I look up it’s right in my face.


{October 30, 2011}   So Flexy

Today was Core 20 and Stretch 10. I am already exponentially more flexible than I was 6 days ago. It’s kinda crazy. And by kinda I mean totally.

(Speaking of so flexy, Katie, have you noticed the girl during the straddle stretch who puts her arms through her legs and stretched out on the floor behind her? Maybe we’ve discussed this already. Insane!)

I don’t know what I’m eating for dinner since I ran out of fish. I was going to defrost some chicken, but Gram’s seems to have eaten it all. I need to remember that the next time she tells my Uncle I’m eating her out of house and home. (I barely eat any of “her food” and what I do eat, (milk and eggs) I replace.) ‘Tis the life living with a sort of senile little old lady.

{October 29, 2011}   GMD update

Can I just tell you why I love the good mood diet? After 5 days on it, I’m sitting here after dinner and I just feel happy. For no reason. Nothing happened between dinner and now that hasn’t happened every day. But I feel like smiling. I almost feel like laughing.

I feel like I’m actually worth the effort it takes to lose weight.

I can’t say how long this will last or that I won’t fall off of it in the future, but it’s so nice to know that food can do this and it should do this. Unfortunately all the junk that Americans are now addicted to literally make us feel like shit. It really does make us feel like what we eat. But chemical balance does not need to come from pills with awful side-effects.

I’m not even being strict with this diet. Here’s what I’ve been eating every day (minus the candy bar or two and the spaghetti-o’s) Breakfast: 2-3 eggs, flaxseed on toast with spray butter, glass of milk and a piece of fruit. Snack: beef jerky and a 100 calorie yogurt. Lunch: 1/2 can chicken noodle soup and a spinach salad with chicken, shredded parm and vinegrette dressing. Snack 2: (The best snack for an afternoon energy boost) roughly 2 tbsp dried cranberries, 6 whole cashews (I forget just how many it’s supposed to be) a can of v8 and a glass of water. Dinner: sauteed spinach and parm with tomatoes, tilapia, baked potato. Snack 3: homemade hot chocolate.

Luckily I really like all that stuff (except the flax seed and the second snack, but I eat it anyway, oh and the yogurt.) But I don’t have to eat it. I do it because it’s convenient. When I want a change up I can. The reason I eat them for now is to help me think less about the diet and just do it, as well as, getting comfortable with it enough to start adding on. It takes a good week or so to get used to everything. And like I said that’s not even the actual real diet. It’s close, but I think I need some more fruit and veggies in there. Or maybe it’s milk and “bread.”

Maybe my piece of fish was just bigger tonight, but like I said, keep giving me those omega 3’s. 😀

{October 28, 2011}   Fire 45 EZ

I finally got to try out my new shoes. My feet were pretty hot today! Also my toes were a bit worn out as were my calves. On the plus side, I am pretty certain that is the work out I needed different shoes for anyway and since I am way more out of shape than I was before, things are looking up.

I pretty much used the new-to-class feature as time to pace then I walked through most of the work out. Although, noet to self, during the first round of heels/high knees, don’t go all out. You are barely half way through the work out and you still have the left side to go. (They are just so fun though!)

I was still sweating profusely through the work out, partly because my room is a sauna, partly because even doing this work out low-impact and low speed, it is still a crazy work out. I can’t wait until my endurance (both lungs and legs) are up to the task of going full out. This one pretty much has everything I love in it.

Yesterday I had another mars bar after dinner. It was the very last one and it kept whispering sweet nothings to me.

On another food related note, I am trying to find grass-fed beef. One would think it would be easy to find where I now live. It’s nothing but cows and corn. Unfortunately the corn feeds the cows and most of the cows are dairy anyway.

The main reason I am on this search is because a blog I am reading keeps touting the amazing taste of this holy grail of beef. As a beef lover, I must have some. Another reason is because, according to claims, not only can you get almost all of your nutrients from this beef, but also omega 3 fatty acids! Omega 3s make my brain very happy indeed. Just come talk to me after I eat a particularly ripe avocado sometime. I may as well be high. At least that’s what I assume being high on the mary jane feels like. Everything just seems better. I’m not so sure I follow the line of thinking that you can get everything just from the beef, but if the hormones and chemicals can be passed on, why wouldn’t the nutrients, but what nutrients are in grass? Plus, as I said, I just want some damn good beef.

We all know home grown tomatoes are the only ones to eat (if you don’t, I pity you like I’ve never pitied before.) You will never catch me eating a slice of store bought tomato on anything. I would rather go without. Sure I may use it in something I’m cooking, but only if it can mix with other flavors. (On another side note, side-noteception, homegrown tomatoes added to jarred spaghetti sauce makes my head explode with amazingness.)

I’m sure another fish and baked potato night for me. I ran out of spinach though, so maybe broccoli. I wish I had some cauliflower. Mmmm pan roasted cauliflower.

{October 27, 2011}   Day 4!

Today I did Tone 30. I really thought this was going to be an easy weight work out. I mean, I do CX so anything else should be easy, right? Nope. This was so tough.I ended up, after the first two exercises, not using any band. I will still be sore tomorrow.

I tried out my new shoes today, even though I normally lift barefoot. I must say, my feet stayed really cool. The reason I usually lift barefoot is because my feet get hot. Not today baby. I think I will always wear them to lift. I’m excited for their first real test tomorrow. Fire 45 EZ.

Last night I did not eat very healthy. For dinner I had spaghetti o’s and a mar’s bar. I was feeling very sick and extremely achy/tired.and hungry. I had also slept until 12:30 and was in bed less than 12 hours later.

Today has been much better. I’ll probably have my standard fish and baked potato with sauteed (That doesn’t seem like the correct spelling, but spell check isn’t worried so I’ll leave it) spinach with shredded parm. I can’t wait for the hot chocolate tonight though. Mmmm my favorite part of the day.

{October 26, 2011}  

I honestly didn’t mean to stay away this long. I just never got around to starting to work out. Oops. First it was one thing then it was another. However, as of Monday (this is Wednesday) I am again working out.

I’m also back on the Good Mood Diet. I think part of the problem with starting to work out was wanting to work out in the afternoon, but eating garbage all day. Not that I am being very strict with the diet, it’s just a guide to help me with my goal of working out for the next 30 days (adding the no fast food rule from September.) I am doing the Turbo Fire Prep schedule with my friend Katie (I may have mentioned that.)

I bought some new shoes. In the blue and white. Hopefully they will help with the calf fatigue I noticed before. Today is my first day off. I’m pretty sore, but I feel great. Much better than I have for the past few months. I’m excited to get back into shape, but I’m just enjoying the feeling of working out again. I’m not going to pressure myself into this and I’m not going to beat myself up. It is what it is. I need to work out to feel good. I need to eat the GMD to feel good. I probably won’t be taking a lot of photos of my food this time around. It quickly became a chore.

{October 9, 2011}   0/0

Starting September 2nd, my one goal was to not eat any fast food for 30 days. I succeeded! I just wanted to break the habit.  It is now October 9th and for the last week and a half I have been in a position where I was not able to make or store food. I had fast food 3 times.  Still not nearly as bad as what it would have been before the 30 days and all but the last time I didn’t even want it, I just had no other choice. The last time, it was McDonald’s breakfast, which I’m still a sucker for. However, each time, of course, I felt really gross after.

Today I am going back to no fast food. I can eat whatever I want, as long as it is not fast food. I also end up drinking a lot less soda this way. I will drink 2-3 sodas a week instead of one-three a day.  Also, starting tomorrow, I will being Turbo Fire’s prep schedule. My friend Katie is going to do it with me (although she may start later because she is sick.)  My goal for the next 30 days will be to continue last months goal and to keep to the TF prep schedule the whole time.  Then when this month is up I will carry these goals over and add a new one.  I don’t know what yet. I will decide that when it gets closer. I think I will be able to tell what will need to go next when I am not focusing as much on the current goal.

Tonight I am going to do some Crunch’s Candle Light yoga and maybe take a long bath to prepare for tomorrow. I spent the last week and a half sleeping in a chair or on a cot so my back is pretty messed up.

et cetera