Work It! Work It!

{June 19, 2011}   Where has this year gone?

It seems like I just started CX. Unfortunately it’s over 6 months since then. I have nothing to show for the hard work I have done. Mainly because that hard work is mixed in with a bunch of bad habits.

I am back at 200 lbs. My niece and I were decently active, but we all ate horribly.

As of today I am on a mixture of Weight Watchers and the Good Mood Diet. I know, I keep changing what I’m doing, but that’s because I need to figure out something I can stick with. I can stick with WW, but because I am no longer on the medication I need (long story, the doctor is kind of a dick) I need something until I move and find a new Dr. Right now, finding a new doctor is too much stress for something so short term. (I move in 2 weeks.)

My plan with these two diets is this:

With the GMD you can eat what ever you want as long as you eat the foods that will put you in a good mood. This is not really a weight loss diet. It can be, but I need more structure when it comes to eating what I want. This diet is a lot of food so I am not usually hungry on it, but I have a sweet tooth and I do enjoy mixing up my drinks once in awhile. I also like eating out.

That’s where WW comes in. I can track my points with everything I eat. Then as long as I stay in my point range I can have splurges. Even though the GMD is a lot of food, it seems like it’s very low in points. I just had lunch and I am only on 13.5 pts. (I am probably going to skip the 2nd snack today because I woke up very late and I want to get back to a normal schedule and not eat right before bed.)

What I’ve eaten today: Breakfast: 1/4 c. (measured before cooking) oatmeal (made with water) with 1 tbsp flaxseed (ground) and 1 tbsp splenda. This is really plain, luckily I like it this way. The flax seed adds healthy fat and I can’t taste it in the oatmeal. (I also, sometimes “fry” my egg and put the flax seed on top and put it all on a piece of whole wheat bread)
1 hard boiled egg, 1 c. skim milk, 1 orange. This was 7 pts.

Snack 1: 2 egg whites and water. (I was supposed to have milk with this, but I meant to add it to my lunch. I forgot.) This was roughly 1/2 a point.

Lunch: Shakeology with Banana and 1 tbsp Peter Pan Peanut Butter. Joe won’t let me buy the organic stuff. He hates mixing it. I also hate putting it in the fridge, but at my Grandma’s house I have a jar of Bee’s Knees Peanut Butter. This was 6 pts.

My second snack will usually consist of cashews (I can’t remember the number off the top of my head,) dried cranberries or another fruit, and a can of V8. I hate V8. However, this is the snack that really helps my energy. I can also chug a can of V8 instead of eating more vegetables. It’s easy.

For dinner I will probably have tilapia, baked potato with sour cream and butter spray, purple cauliflower (wth?!), peas, and a piece of fruit or so. I’m not really sure yet.

That’s a lot of food right?

I have 32 pts for the day plus 49 extra points for the week.

I may be able to get away with eating all this food plus a light splurge (no-pudge fudge brownies) every day and not use my extra points.

As for exercise. I am on the fence. I really want to start Turbo Fire. The only reason I am on the fence is because I don’t want to keep doing the same mistakes over and over. I want to follow through on my work out goals and I think Turbo Fire may be too hard core for me. There is a warm up schedule of 8 weeks, but I think I would get bored with TF after 8 weeks of build up and then another 20 weeks of the program.

I would also add pilates and the push up challenge to the Turbo Fire.

My other option would be to slowly build up my exercise, doing fun things (zumba, swimming lessons, etc.) to build up my endurance.

Well you say, Elisha, it’s obvious. I say to you, NAY! Here’s why: I don’t push myself when I am “going easy.” I just sort of mosey along. I don’t see results and then I quit.

So what to do?! An idea just popped into my head, but this post is already long enough.

I am doing Crunch’s Candle Light Yoga tonight before bed.


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