Work It! Work It!

{March 12, 2011}   Week 11 Day 2

Actually this should probably be week 9 Day 2 since I’ve switched back to just CX and there’s only 12 weeks in that program.

Breakfast: Bacon and Egg scramble

395 + one extra egg (80)


(it was supposed to be an extra egg white, but that didn’t happen)

Snack 1:

10 grapes, one small orange, one cheddar cheese stick:

35+45+90 = 170

I also reread the Fuel The Fire book and realized I should be adding 3 oz of meat to my dinner and an extra snack. That was probably why I was starving so much. And my therapist said I wasn’t really hungry. Pssh

Lunch: Shakeology

190 plus pb 180 and small banana 90


12 Almonds


Small Orange


Total: 1105

Burger King Whopper with Fries and a Sprite

I had a nice big bowl of weight watcher’s chili ready to go, but then Joe had a panic attack. It was pretty bad and the pain was such that he wanted to make sure it wasn’t a heart attack so we went to the emergency room. I had to give my chili to Joe’s brother. I’m glad it was enjoyed by someone.

I have decided  that I am going to find a vegetable soup recipe for before dinner (instead of a salad) and I am making my weight watcher’s chili to have as a snack as well. It’s very filling and delicious.  I also figure that, with the soup, if I cook some chicken, when I do the shakeology cleanse again, I can have the soup and chicken for dinner instead of a salad, which I hate.  Perfect.

I don’t know if it’s the self-hypnosis app I listened to last night, but I am in a better mood than I have been in, in at least a week. Maybe the Wellbutrin is finally kicking in (although I don’t know about that.) Maybe I’m just so flippin’ relieved to stop the hybrid and go back to doing what works for me with my eating.  Why was I fighting myself so much?  The therapist makes some good points too.



Lean Circuit 1

Wow. This is a killer arm work out. So intense. I loved it, but damn were my arms tire after the first few exercises. It was just never ending. But in a good way.



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