Work It! Work It!

{March 11, 2011}   Week 10 Day 3

I am half way through the program. When I go a few days with out working out my body lets me know I need to get back to it. I like that feeling.  I like that my body is telling me what it needs.

I forgot to mention yesterday, on Wednesday I was back at my apartment and I weighed myself. I am at 189.4. So at least I was pretty much able to maintain. I’ll take that. Now I’m excited to see what happens this month when I go all out.

Exercise: HIIT 20

I was supposed to do Tone 30 too, but it’s on the same disk as my Sculpt 30 and I noticed today there’s a deep scratch. I did not do this because this is only the second time I used it and it messed up last time too. I just never turned it over to check it out.

HIIT 20 is so much better than HIIT 15. Okay, not so much better, but it’s an improvement. It is actually only 2 minutes longer than the HIIT 15 and the HIITs are about a minute instead of 30 seconds. It goes by much faster.

The next time I need to do a sculpt or tone work out I am going to do the Burn Circuit 1.  That should cover it.


*edit: I didn’t realize I left this as a draft so, sorry.


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