Work It! Work It!

{March 1, 2011}   Week 9 Day 1 (part 2)

It’s not pretty folks.

I did not do anything today.  I slept in for starters. My work out partner having to get up and go out of state for a symposium left me with no motivation to crawl out of bed.  I thought I would work out on my own when I got up, but I was lying to myself.

Not only did I take a rest day, but in turn I went and got McDonald’s breakfast. I borrowed Joe’s brother’s car and took off.  That was around 10am. I did not eat again until 2:30 pm. I had 2 bowls (for a total of one can) of tomato soup.  I added to these bowls one whole stack of saltine crackers (unsalted tops).  I actually ate the second bowl faster than the first.

I truly feel like this must be what teenage boys feel like. What Joe must feel like.  As I mentioned in the other post, I feel sad that I am not taking advantage of this jump start to my metabolism.  I’m working on a way to figure it out. I just don’t know how to do it in the most efficient manner, so of course I am doing it in the most inefficient (at least when it comes to weight loss) manner. It’s rather efficient in the manner of filling me up.


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