Work It! Work It!

{February 24, 2011}   Week 9 Day 6

Breakfast: 6:30 Oatmeal with Strawberries, a hard boiled egg.

Snack 8:30 2 egg whites and a glass of milk. (My least favorite meal of the day.)

Lunch: 12:00pm PB and Banana Shakeology.  Still, really digging this.

Snack: 3:20pm 2 tbspn dried cranberries, 6+ cashews ( a few broken pieces) and 5.5. oz V8. The cashews are what really save this snack. That and it actually does seem to help with energy levels. That and the glass of water I have with it.

Dinner: porkchop, mac and cheese, baked potato.

Exercise: Stretch 40.

I HATE power yoga. I want my yoga to feel like a massage not a real work out.  I only made it about 10 minutes into this work out the one and only other time I tried it. (I had a headache that made me see stars!) The reason I didn’t try it again was because the first 10 minutes are like power yoga.  Actually, maybe the first 20 are.  The good news is that the last 20 minutes are pretty relaxing/stretching.  Yeah all of yoga is about stretching, but power yoga is also about cardio too and you know how much I hate cardio.

I am pretty disappointed that this week turned out like it did. I was so excited. I was sure that the two weeks on, one off was over.  I will be starting week 9 again. I’m okay with it though. I realized today that if I need two weeks where I work out 6 days a week and one week where I work out 2-4 times, then that’s what I need. I will still try for 6 days, but it’s not like I’m trying to win a prize. I’m trying to be healthy and change 12 years of inactivity.  I just have to keep reminding myself to be nice and to forgive. This experience is definitely about self-forgiveness and perseverance.

Not to mention, 2 weeks of 6 days/week exercising with one week of 2-4 days of exercising is still WAY better than where I was.

The important thing is that I keep going. If I have to remind myself that every third week, then that’s what I have to do.

On a more exciting note I woke up at 5am to work out with Joe’s mom.  She walked on the treadmill while I did the yoga.  It was nice to be forced to get up. I knew that there was no way I could sleep in if I told Joe’s mom I was going to be up.  My plan is to get up and work out with her for the next two weeks. Hopefully by the time we go back to the apartment I will be able to keep it all up.  I think that will definitely help me to be more productive and stick to the schedule.


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