Work It! Work It!

{February 21, 2011}   Week 9 Day 3/Day 4

The first two days of this week I kept putting off adding the photos so I kept putting off publishing the posts. That’s why I stopped posting pictures for awhile. I just didn’t feel like moving them from the camera to the computer then to wordpress.

I know, lame.

Day 3:

Yesterday was a mess food wise. I tried a mint chocolate shake (mint extract, not peppermint.) Yuck. The nastiest thing I’ve ever tasted.  It was like chocolate toothpaste. I made lean cheeseburgers and baked potatoes instead. Then dinner was panera for an impromptu double date with my friend Katie and her hubby. It was the best time I have had in awhile. I caved to a mountain dew (i thought I was going to have to drive to the city after dinner [about an our away], but as it turned out I did not. ) and a chocolate chip muffin top. I also got mac and cheese instead of soup.

I have been doing really well lately, except for the dinners. The rest of the day I’m pretty much perfect. I don’t know what it is. Yesterday I was even hungry when we got home so I had a left over burger (with no bread this time) and a baked potato.

I also ruined the hard boiled eggs for breakfast. I ended up still eating 2 egg whites for a snack, but they were gross.

I also did not exercise yesterday. Partly because I wasn’t paying attention to the time and ran out. Partly because we got back very late. Partly because it was Fire 45 and I just didn’t want to do that one again, so soon.

Day 4

Today we are spending the day going to see Joe’s brother. It was his birthday on Friday and today the whole family is going to drive up to see him.  I honestly have no idea what my food will be like. I will have a shakeology before I leave, but I’m gonna eat whatever we all eat.

(I don’t remember all that I ate, but the night ended with stuff crust pizza and some cinnamon sticks)

I was supposed to do HIIT 15 and Strength 30 or something.

I wasn’t looking forward to it, but I planned on doing it before we left for the visit. Joe’s sister arrived pretty early and wanted to talk about a few things.  We don’t get to talk that often so I figured I would chat a bit. I lost track of time and barely had enough to shower.

I also thought I would definitely do the HIIT 15 work out after the visit, but we watched a couple of movies and I could barely keep my eyes open to take care of the dogs.

It was a busy weekend for hanging out with peeps, but it was EXACTLY what I needed. Even though we are all living on top of one another and will be fore about 2 more weeks I have really missed a few people. Luckily I got to spend time with a couple this weekend.

I’ve been really missing face to face time with people. I’ve been craving time with my friends that doesn’t involve a computer (although dinner with Andrew and Katie did involve our faces in the iPad and iPod Touch for most of the night :D)




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