Work It! Work It!

{February 16, 2011}   Week 8 Day 7!!!!! (Cleanse Day 3!!!!!!)

Woot Woot!

Can you tell I’m freakin’ excited?

It could be that my first shake of the day is AMAZING good. It’s perfect. Last night Joe’s brother came home with some bananas! Yea, I’m glad the store actually had some again.

Although there is a bit of sad news. I probably won’t get to weigh myself again tomorrow because I don’t think I will be going home. My dog hurt his leg the other day and it’s still really bothering him. He won’t even get up on the couch or bed. He has a hard time climbing the stairs. There are way more stairs to climb at our apartment and he would have to do it 2-3 times a day for the bathroom. I am going to take him to the vet on Saturday if he does not get better by then.  I will take the monthly pictures, although the original sports bra is at the apartment.  But I found the original shorts again.  Life. It’s all about give and take. 😀

Breakfast Shake: Chocolate Banana with PB.

If you were to observe my food habits you would quickly learn I like peanut butter! I will eat it on anything and everything. Peanut butter ice cream? Gimme Gimme.  But nothing is as good as peanut butter and banana. The aforementioned PB icecream? Always mixed with a little chocolate, real peanut butter, and a banana. Ohmigod put me into a food coma right now.  I was so excited to finally try the Shakeology with the banana. I made it with water and a few chunks of ice. It’s the perfect taste and consistency. It’s not too thick at all. I don’t know how that happened considering just pb and water make it thick. I’m not complaining though. And while I am still drinking my glass of water to stay hydrated, I don’t need it to wash the shake down.

And my absolutely lovely and genius cousin mentioned that I should just put soapy water in a blender and let that clean out the blender. It worked. And yes, I felt very slow indeed that I had never thought of that. I’m just really no good at cleaning. I can clean fast, if you don’t mind everything being shoved under the bed, however, I’ve just never been good at the intricacies of cleaning.

Another pb banana shake! MMMMM I can’t wait til I can have third one.

Shake 3: Same as the other two.

(I forgot to take my ritalin in the afternoon so I am not as  happy as I have been lately. Plus Joe and I were going to go out tonight to have a belated VD (hehe) and now he’s going to be 2 hours late. It’s not his fault, but he didn’t even sound bummed out.

I don’t know what we are doing, but if we go out there won’t be a picture any way. I’m hoping redlobster so I can get some tasty crab. No matter where we go I won’t have desert or an entrée, just the main dish. I may have mashed potatoes though. 😀  Maybe baked. We’ll see.

Exercise : Push Circuit 3 (for the last time!)

I have a really hard time reaching failure with the bands on this work out. It’s a bit frustrating, but oh well. I worked hard and hopefully the measurements show it tomorrow.  I will probably take my photos tonight because Joe will be available for them. He will be tomorrow too, but I want them posted first thing with my measurements. 😀

Now that the photos are so close to being taken I am starting to tell myself that I haven’t really changed at all, that it’s just in my head, etc. 😦 I’m trying not to listen and just wait for the photos. Even if the photos don’t show much change, I’m not worried because I know my forearms are thinner, I know my calves are thinner than they have been in years. I know my butt is perkier. The changes may be really small for now, or not show up in the photos (my less dimply derrière or the very small indent that is now on the inside of my bicep when I flex ) but each month I will be a little closer to my goals.  And I’m having a kick ass time in the process.


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