Work It! Work It!

{February 16, 2011}   Week 8 Day 6!!!!!!!!!

Day 2 of the Cleanse

I woke up starving! I also did not really want the shake, but I told myself to just do it. I made one with peanut butter and yes it tasted delicious. It’s really the thickness of the shake that gets me. I don’t know  how it’s so thick. After the cleanse I may just use half a scoop with the recommended milk/water and have two of them a day as snacks.

I don’t know if it’s really the shakeology or just the timing, but my body seems to be shedding fat before my eyes. I’m very excited for the next 30 days. 90% of the changes in my body seem to have happened over the last couple of days.

Snack: apple

I lost track of time and forgot my second shake! I just wasn’t really hungry and became distracted by a situation. Not The Situation, just a situation.   I also forgot my 3rd fruit.

Snack: 1 apple before work out.

Dinner: Salad (same as yesterday) and a baked potato with a pinch of cheddar, a pat of butter, and a large dollop of light sour cream.

Because I forgot my other shake and fruit I had some calories left over. The thought of washing the blender again really bummed me out so I didn’t feel like making a third shake and having it with dinner. I wanted some tomato soup with saltine crackers like nothing else. It’s a childhood comfort food.  Instead, because I did not want to eat the processed white carb, I went with a natural white carb. It’s a little better right? I ate the skin.

Although the salad was half as big as last night’s, to account for the potato, I did not eat it all. I ate the sprouts, the carrots, the cheese, and the chicken. I left most of the spinach and most of the tomatoes. I just really really hate salad. Seriously. I never want another salad again.  However, if you put that same salad between two pieces of bread, it’s delicious and I will eat it for a week straight.

(I swear, that looks like way more cheese than there actually was. :D)

I did not want to work out. I woke up with a painful headache, but thanks to water, icy/hot on the back of the neck and 2 pain relievers, I was able to fall back asleep for a few hours. It sort of hung around all day, but only noticeable when I moved my head very fast.   That voice in my head was on over drive telling me it’s okay to miss one day, I’ve worked really hard this week already, I’m on the cleanse so it’s okay to say I’m too tired to work out.  BUT I knew that wasn’t good enough. I can’t say I can always shake that voice, as you know, but this time, that voice was not getting the better of me. Soooo:

Exercise: Fire 45 and Ab Burner

I did the 45 with out the new to class option. I keep forgetting that because I don’t have the break downs of each series that I shouldn’t go as hard as I can the whole time. It tires me out pretty fast.  I also realized (half way through) why it seems 45 is so hard for me lately when it used to be my favorite. My shoes.  They are very good running shoes, but they have a lot of traction, especially on the carpet where I work out. There are so many pivets and turns in 45 that my legs are worn out before the first series is over. I took my shoes off half way through and while my toes got a bit of a burn, my legs were much happier.  I was also sweating like the infomercial! It was dripping off my face and my hair was drenched.

I am really starting to love Ab Burner. I do it before the main work out because I know I would bail otherwise. I am getting so good at it and each time I can feel the exercises getting just a bit easier, my abs just a bit stronger.  I am hoping to add Extreme abs back into it next month when there are shorter work outs. I just can’t add 20 minutes onto a 45 or 55 minute work out. It’s a mental thing.


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