Work It! Work It!

{February 15, 2011}   Week 8 Day 5 (Cleanse Day 1)

Every time I type a title in this week, I just can’t believe that I am not only this far, but now I am almost finished with 2 whole months of work outs!

I had a regular shakeology today. I finally figured out what I thought the weird taste was. It starts out very milk chocolaty (especially when made with milk), but there’s a dark chocolate after taste. I have had better tasting meal replacement or protein shakes, but none that were as nutritious. It also may be that I think they were better because I am used to them and no matter which shake I have ever had I still need a glass of water with them.

Snack 1: An apple.

Since I did not have any fruit with my shake this morning.

Lunch: Chocolate-covered blueberry Shakeology

Remember, I said I hated blueberries unless they were in baked goods? I forgot about these delicious chocolate covered blueberries from a wine bar that I had before. I thought I would go ahead and throw half a cup of frozen blueberries in my shake.

😦 This shake was gross. The taste was fine, but the consistency was really hard to take. The frozen strawberries and blueberries make the shake thick, but for some reason the blueberry one was just too much. I literally gagged really hard on the last drink.

Snack 2: another apple.

(Joe’s brother just came in and heated up Wendy’s chili, my mouth is literally watering, my stomach is rebelling, and my nose is in heaven. I believe it’s time for me to work out so I can get out of room.  Then I will have my last shake of the day and then dinner.)

Snack 3: Shakeology #3. Plain with water and ice.

Salad: Chicken, spinach, carrots, tomatoes, house italian dressing, parmesan cheese and alfalfa sprouts. (I don’t have flax seeds here so I can’t add that part tonight.)

Exercise: Push Circuit 2/Stretch 10.

I can not wait to take my pictures on Thursday. I was not looking forward to it, but this morning I noticed that the love handles right above my booty are almost gone! Ever since I gained weight in h.s. those have been there, even when I lost all the weight. It blows my mind that they are shrinking so soon.  Although I am going back and forth as to if they are really shrinking. I look in the mirror and think OHMIGOD they’re gone, then I spend the next 10 minutes checking every angle just to make sure. Then I think, it’s probably just the way I’m standing. LOL. I literally can’t even believe my own eyes.  I will have to double check with Joe when he gets home. (He agreed!)

Wow, my flexibility was CRAZY tonight!! I was able to go so much lower on all the stretches involving hamstrings. It all felt so good. I also feel like the bands were much more comfortable for me than they were last week, but man do my forearms hurt after the lower body work outs. Holding the 20-25 lb bands stretched tight at my shoulders is painful!!

Speaking of Joe, he’s doing the cleanse with me. He’s being smart about it and doing it before he starts Insanity. (I really hope he starts on Thursday when my start day of the week is.) I made his breakfast and lunch shake before I went to bed last night.  He’s going to pick up a rotisserie chicken on his way home from work for our salads. It’s really nice having him volunteer to do this with me.  He asked to try a shake when I made one the other day and afterward he told me he wanted to do the cleanse.

Cleanse assessment, Day 1:

The shakes seems so much thicker than before, even the one I made with just water and ice. The last one of the day was really hard to swallow.  I wish there had been banana’s at the store because I would love to try a banana and pb one. Tomorrow there will be at least 1 mint shake and probably one peanut butter one.

That salad was the best salad I have ever had. MMMMM I’m so full right now.

I may still have my nightly hot cocoa before bed. It depends on how well that giant salad keeps me full.


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