Work It! Work It!

{February 13, 2011}   Week 8 Day 4!

I am doing the Shakeology cleanse.   It’s 3 days of  3 shakes a day, 3 pieces of fruit (either with the shake or not) and a salad with chicken and some other stuff for dinner.

This is going to be a boring 3 days for you guys. 😀

Breakfast: Shakeology with peanut butter and water/ice.

It took me a little bit to get used to it with out milk, but I think I will try to have it this way once a day. It will save me 90 calories a day. I know that’s not a lot, but every little bit helps. If I didn’t use milk every time it would save 270 calories a day. In 10 days that would be almost an extra lb. However, I am not doing this cleanse for 10 days.  I also am not so annal that one more lb in 10 days is going to really motivate me.

Snack: An apple. It was a good apple too. Nice and crisp, juicy, but not dripping all down my face. Just right.

Lunch: Joe’s mom came home with bagels and became sad when no one was going to eat them. We caved to the mother’s guilt and I had an asiago bagel. Then about an hour later I had a french toast bagel. I know the reason I was hungry an hour later was because I didn’t have protein, unfortunately the carbs clouded my thinking.


Snack (after work out) 6 cashews.

Dinner: Panera again. This time I had a large soup instead of the small. I was so hungry!

We will restart the cleanse tomorrow.

I am going to work out now even though I had the bagel less than half an hour ago. I just don’t want to put it off any more and even if it just burns that calories I ate, at least they won’t be absorbed into my body. Not to mention it’s Fire 55, I will need a bit of extra help with that. 😀 It’s also the most intense work out I have ever had, aside from h.s. soccer practice.  It’s so hard and so rewarding.

That is the most amazing work out ever! I can’t believe how much I love that.

As I was putting on my work out shoes I noticed that my calves are slimming down very nicely. Joe says my biceps look less chubby too! 😀


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