Work It! Work It!

{February 13, 2011}   Week 8 Day 2

Breakfast: Almost the same thing.

The hard boiled eggs were gone and there are almost no blueberries left in my bag of granola. Strangely enough I found some fresh blueberries in the fridge. I also cut down to half regular oats and kept the full amount of granola. Oh AND my fat free milk is back.  It was hidden behind a bunch of stuff and the whole milk was gone this morning. I thought, “dang what am I going to do now?” Then I caught a glimpse of another jug. Success!

Don’t get me wrong. I actually hate blueberries. Especially fresh ones. I love ’em in baked goods, but that’s another story. The dried ones are tolerable, but the fresh ones are GROSS. They pop all gross and not like grapes. The are sour. ICK. However, I can’t have citrus until the evening (meds) and there were no bananas or really anything other than the blueberries and oranges and grapefruit.  I know how important blueberries are too. So I do like any good girl and close my eyes, open my mouth, and swallow as fast as I can.  I don’t need to have every single meal be my most favorite. I just need it to get the job done.

Snack: Sandwich flats with laughing cow garlic and herb cheese and half a cup of milk.

Eh, it was okay. Better than on those wasaba crackers or whatever, but it could have used something else. I wish we had some deli turkey or something

Lunch: Pasta, meat sauce, and a small salad

Snack: Small serving of more pasta.

Panera again and the cookies again. GRRRR I just can’t stay away.  I meant to take a picture, but I ate them too fast. 😀


Katie B. says:

Dude, I didn’t know you didn’t like blueberries! They are my fav! Have you tried them frozen? not like the super cheap ones (because they are super gross and grainy and blah) but like, Dole blueberries. if you microwave em 20sec. they get soft and they are sweet. mmm. I like to put vanilla yogurt over it and top it with granola. or even keep em frozen and they are kinda chewyish.

Hmmm, maybe I just get the cheap ones. I put them in my shakeology for today (day 5) so we will see how it goes.

Oh and of course that blueberry sauce you made for SOT was amazing and I have used the recipe so much.

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