Work It! Work It!

{February 8, 2011}   Oops.

My page was briefly deactivated. 😦

I put up two (small) links to my Beach Body Coach pages just in case someone was interested and wanted to go through me to get the products (I just signed up to be a coach.)

My plan was not, nor will it ever be, to turn this blog into a place that is trying to sell stuff.  It’s my own personal journey. I started using BB products in 2002 and I started CX in 2009 and CX/TF in 2010. I never had any intention of selling these products. I’m still not sure if I do, just because I’m not so great at the sales. I mainly want the discounts and if I can make a little money from it that would be great.  However, if someone wanted to use the products because of my results I thought it would be nice if they had the opportunity to go through me.  I was wrong. 😦

It’s all good though because I would much rather have this blog as a record of my personal journey than have anyone ever think that I am just out to make money or that what I’m saying is just to make money and not a true representation of how I feel.

Yeah, if you want to use BB stuff, I would LOVE it if you came through me, but mainly so I can share your experiences with you and cheer you on. It would make me feel really good about myself if I was able to help someone else get what they want out of life. I’m looking forward to the coaching aspect much more so than the money aspect.  So much so that I’ve been contemplating how to become a life coach. I feel like there were a lot of people who helped me get as far as I have (even though I am no where near perfect) and I would like to return the favor.  I would also love to be a counselor for teenagers. I would not have gotten through h.s. if it wasn’t for my therapist. I want to help someone else get through h.s.  It’s the same underlying reason why I want to adopt kids. I know how hard life is with out anyone to back you up. I want to back people up.

I just wanted to say, that whether or not there are links up on this page, whether or not I mention BB products (because I will, it’s what I’m using and Joe just had me order him a work out, which I didn’t make any money on btw) this blog is 100% me. It’s my honest opinions/trials/successes/journey. It’s not to be a sales person. I’m not a sales person. I just love to talk about things that I love.

I guess it just hurt my feelings that WordPress thought I was just trying to use the page to sell stuff. I don’t want anyone to think that of me, including an arbitrary, anonymous person sitting on the other end of a network of blogs. So sorry WordPress. I didn’t mean it.


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