Work It! Work It!

{February 7, 2011}   Week 7 Day 4

Ugh. I am the most sore I have been this entire time!  I tried to wake up early enough to work out before I went to visit Joe’s brother. He is an hour and a half away and I know we won’t get back until late. Unfortunately it didn’t happen. I plan on working out when I get home though. I will take some ibuprofen and I will listen to my work out music to pump myself up. I may even have some caffeine on the drive home, just to make sure.

Breakfast: same oatmeal, at about the same so:

between 275 calories and 300.

Lunch: Split Pea soup

Dinner: fast food

snack: movie nachos.  (I did not finish them. I felt gross after.)

Exercise: Nada

*I was hoping that a bit of Ibuprofen would do the job, but my neck is actually painful now.  Also I tried to have some tea on the way home and it tasted rancid. I don’t know if I will do a cardio tomorrow on top of Push circuit 2. I know I can handle weights, but jumping around may hurt my neck. We will see how I feel.  I can’t even yawn or sneeze because it’s my sternocleidomastoid that connects my jaw to my collar bone, on both sides.

Also I realized that I actually only missed 3 work outs last week. Now I feel really lame. I thought I only did 2. So 4 days were on plan and 3 were not.  Part of me wants this to be week 8 because I just don’t want to keep falling behind schedule, but at the same time if I say it’s week 8 I’m only cheating myself out of the benefits of doing the extra week, even though I did 2 work outs during the week I put off week 5 and now 3 work outs last week. I also just want month 2 to be over! This has not been a good month for me and if I have this be week 8 then I will be right where I need to be. Like I said though I will wait until this week is over before I decide.


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