Work It! Work It!

{February 5, 2011}   Week 7 Day 3

I took the day off yesterday. I was planning on it, even had my water bottle filled. Then I had a really bad panic attack. I have not had a panic attack in over 2 years. At least not that bad. I have had moments of panic, but I can usually talk myself down.

On the plus side I went to Sports Authority after Joe got home. I bought 2 new shirts, a pair of shorts, and rainbow ankle socks.  On sale. And they are pretty cute for being under 10 bucks a piece.

Breakfast: Oatmeal with Bare Naked Granola (flaxseed and blue berry)

Possibly 375, but I didn’t finish it all so I would say closer to 275/300

Lunch 1.5 hot dogs.

No idea. I was in a hurry to go sledding. I also had some herbal tea. I decided to try that instead of soda. I normally don’t like herbal tea because it just tastes watered down, but it’s better than water all the time and it’s way healthier than soda.

Dinner Split Pea Soup and more herbal tea.

Don’t know, it was homemade.

Second Dinner: More split pea soup and a hot dog. I also had a glass of Pepsi. There was just a bit left in a two liter and I was feeling very sleepy.

Exercise: Push Circuit 1/sledding.

We also walked almost a quarter of a mile in knee deep snow. I was able to climb up the hill 3 times, although I had to catch my breath half way up each time. One would think after doing 45 minutes of turbo fire I could climb up a hill.  I just thought of it as intervals. 😀

During my strength work out I used the bands for some of the exercises. I think I prefer them on squats. I can go down lower and my arms don’t feel like they are about to fall off. I’m not sure how much resistance my legs are getting, but I still hit failure so it’s good enough. I just don’t know if that’s from the bands or from going down lower, maybe both.

Want to see what I bought?

I love ankle socks. I haven’t worn them since h.s. though. I don’t know why. I saw these and loved the colors. They are a tad brighter than the picture. I also wore the pink ones for my work out today.  I can’t say how well they will hold up or if the colors will fade, but so far I love them! They are so soft. I normally hate socks and prefer to wear sandals all year if I have to wear shoes. That’s why I normally work out barefoot. Unfortunately my toe was getting a burn from doing turbo fire with out shoes.  They are so silky and nice. I want to get all the different colors.

I figure since I won’t be taking a picture for another 2 weeks, even though I should be taking them now, you could get a peak at the “progress” while I’m showing off my new work out clothes.  The top and the shorts both were under $10. I like the shorts for the strength work out, but I don’t think they will work for cardio. My thighs rub together quit a bit.  I need something a bit sturdier.  The quality is good though, they are adidas.

The top is nice too. I don’t remember the brand. It has a nice, low v-neck. I hate that most of the women’s work out tops have a crew neck type v. I don’t want the collar of the shirt up around my neck anyway, let alone when I’m working out.

I am considering becoming a beach body coach. I really love their products (I have been using one program or another, on and off, since 2002) and I would like a discount. Especially since I plan on buying the Brazilian Butt Lift and I have wanted the Yoga Booty Ballet for awhile now. I also want the YBB pregnant version for, ya know, when I get pregnant.  Although I will still do regular work outs as long as I can.  It would also be nice to earn a small amount of money from something that I really love to talk about anyway.


Katie B. says:

progress is looking good! I got some rainbow socks like that at walmart for 5 bucks a pack, I wear them all the time! (usually mismatched:)

Thanks 😀
Yeah, Joe said I was responsible for matching them after they’re washed. I told him fine, I probably would just wear them mismatched.

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