Work It! Work It!

{February 24, 2011}   Thoughts

The past week or so I have been absolutely starving.  Not all day mind you, just from around 3pm until I go to bed.  I mean, I can not get full no matter how much food I eat. When I think I’m full, I become ravenous very soon after I eat.

It’s an awful feeling. I have not eaten anything for 3 days before, only drinking herbal  tea and have not been this hungry.

Yes, it actually took me over a week to realize what’s going on. Actually, it may have been going on since the beginning of month two and now it’s just ramped up to a noticeable level.

My metabolism is out of control. This is the time I should be burning a crazy amount of fat and calories, but I can’t stop myself from pigging out, just so I can feel full.

I really have no idea what to do. Of course I should be eating more of the healthy foods, but the problem is that I feel like I’m full after I eat the healthy foods. Then all of a sudden I’m starving.  Am I really supposed to make another meal?

I’ve never had this problem. Well, this is part of the reason I ever gained weight in the first place, which scares me because I don’t want to gain any more weight. I want to lose it.  I was already skinny when I started lifting weights in h.s. I stayed skinny no matter what I ate until I stopped lifting weights.

So I have a few options, but I have no idea how much they will help.  Eat fruits in the evening that have high water content. Add some Fiber One to a glass of water after my evening snack,  have a shakeology as my evening snack.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I really have no idea what to do. I want to utilize my newly awakened metabolism.


On a side note, I have actually still been taking photos of my food. I’ve just been too lazy to deal with posting the photos. I know I will go back to it soon enough because a blog with no photos is pretty boring these days.




{February 24, 2011}   Week 9 Day 7

Oatmeal and strawberries

2 egg whites and milk

Same shake.

avocado wraps and black beans

Number 1 with a large rootbeer and a fudge sunday.

I tried! I really did.  I thought having a meal for my snack would keep me more than full until dinner. I was so wrong. Not 20 minutes after I ate I was absolutely starving again.

I will talk more about this in it’s own post.


Exercise: Extreme abs.

Awesome.  I woke up at 5am again. I just wanted something quick and I knew my abs needed a bit of a work out this week.

{February 24, 2011}   Week 9 Day 6

Breakfast: 6:30 Oatmeal with Strawberries, a hard boiled egg.

Snack 8:30 2 egg whites and a glass of milk. (My least favorite meal of the day.)

Lunch: 12:00pm PB and Banana Shakeology.  Still, really digging this.

Snack: 3:20pm 2 tbspn dried cranberries, 6+ cashews ( a few broken pieces) and 5.5. oz V8. The cashews are what really save this snack. That and it actually does seem to help with energy levels. That and the glass of water I have with it.

Dinner: porkchop, mac and cheese, baked potato.

Exercise: Stretch 40.

I HATE power yoga. I want my yoga to feel like a massage not a real work out.  I only made it about 10 minutes into this work out the one and only other time I tried it. (I had a headache that made me see stars!) The reason I didn’t try it again was because the first 10 minutes are like power yoga.  Actually, maybe the first 20 are.  The good news is that the last 20 minutes are pretty relaxing/stretching.  Yeah all of yoga is about stretching, but power yoga is also about cardio too and you know how much I hate cardio.

I am pretty disappointed that this week turned out like it did. I was so excited. I was sure that the two weeks on, one off was over.  I will be starting week 9 again. I’m okay with it though. I realized today that if I need two weeks where I work out 6 days a week and one week where I work out 2-4 times, then that’s what I need. I will still try for 6 days, but it’s not like I’m trying to win a prize. I’m trying to be healthy and change 12 years of inactivity.  I just have to keep reminding myself to be nice and to forgive. This experience is definitely about self-forgiveness and perseverance.

Not to mention, 2 weeks of 6 days/week exercising with one week of 2-4 days of exercising is still WAY better than where I was.

The important thing is that I keep going. If I have to remind myself that every third week, then that’s what I have to do.

On a more exciting note I woke up at 5am to work out with Joe’s mom.  She walked on the treadmill while I did the yoga.  It was nice to be forced to get up. I knew that there was no way I could sleep in if I told Joe’s mom I was going to be up.  My plan is to get up and work out with her for the next two weeks. Hopefully by the time we go back to the apartment I will be able to keep it all up.  I think that will definitely help me to be more productive and stick to the schedule.

{February 22, 2011}   Week 9 Day 5

Breakfast: 1med. 1small baked potato and 2 mugs of pepsi

Dinner: Denny’s

Snack: Pasta with more pepsi


No work out.

{February 21, 2011}   Week 9 Day 3/Day 4

The first two days of this week I kept putting off adding the photos so I kept putting off publishing the posts. That’s why I stopped posting pictures for awhile. I just didn’t feel like moving them from the camera to the computer then to wordpress.

I know, lame.

Day 3:

Yesterday was a mess food wise. I tried a mint chocolate shake (mint extract, not peppermint.) Yuck. The nastiest thing I’ve ever tasted.  It was like chocolate toothpaste. I made lean cheeseburgers and baked potatoes instead. Then dinner was panera for an impromptu double date with my friend Katie and her hubby. It was the best time I have had in awhile. I caved to a mountain dew (i thought I was going to have to drive to the city after dinner [about an our away], but as it turned out I did not. ) and a chocolate chip muffin top. I also got mac and cheese instead of soup.

I have been doing really well lately, except for the dinners. The rest of the day I’m pretty much perfect. I don’t know what it is. Yesterday I was even hungry when we got home so I had a left over burger (with no bread this time) and a baked potato.

I also ruined the hard boiled eggs for breakfast. I ended up still eating 2 egg whites for a snack, but they were gross.

I also did not exercise yesterday. Partly because I wasn’t paying attention to the time and ran out. Partly because we got back very late. Partly because it was Fire 45 and I just didn’t want to do that one again, so soon.

Day 4

Today we are spending the day going to see Joe’s brother. It was his birthday on Friday and today the whole family is going to drive up to see him.  I honestly have no idea what my food will be like. I will have a shakeology before I leave, but I’m gonna eat whatever we all eat.

(I don’t remember all that I ate, but the night ended with stuff crust pizza and some cinnamon sticks)

I was supposed to do HIIT 15 and Strength 30 or something.

I wasn’t looking forward to it, but I planned on doing it before we left for the visit. Joe’s sister arrived pretty early and wanted to talk about a few things.  We don’t get to talk that often so I figured I would chat a bit. I lost track of time and barely had enough to shower.

I also thought I would definitely do the HIIT 15 work out after the visit, but we watched a couple of movies and I could barely keep my eyes open to take care of the dogs.

It was a busy weekend for hanging out with peeps, but it was EXACTLY what I needed. Even though we are all living on top of one another and will be fore about 2 more weeks I have really missed a few people. Luckily I got to spend time with a couple this weekend.

I’ve been really missing face to face time with people. I’ve been craving time with my friends that doesn’t involve a computer (although dinner with Andrew and Katie did involve our faces in the iPad and iPod Touch for most of the night :D)



{February 20, 2011}   Week 9 Day 2

Breakfast: 9am,  1 whole hard boiled egg with 1 egg white, some strawberries, a piece of toast and a glass of milk

Snack 1: 11pm, 2 egg whites and 3/4 c of milk. (we ran out!)

Lunch: 1:20pm  Chocolate and Mint Fresh Strawberries Shakeology (with water and ice*).

Woomp Woomp

I can’t find the mint extract I JUST bought. That drives me batty.  It made me even sadder than this. I couldn’t even go with my second choice because we are already out of bananas. I was so distraught that I didn’t even think of just pb. So I did what any disappointed person would do. I scoured the kitchen for the missing mint for a hopeless 20 minutes, then I settled on the strawberries in the fridge. Cuz ya know, chocolate covered strawberries are sooo hard to live with.  (Although it’s not exactly the same as chocolate covered strawberries, but I enjoy the whole sensation of eating CCS.) It’s still a little thick, but of course so much better than the frozen strawberries. 😀

* I am really surprised that I like this with water and ice instead of milk. Normally I refuse to go there. I never make it with milk any more. Yea for saving money!

Snack: cranberries, cashews, v8 and water

Dinner: Denny’s. It was amazing.  I went grocery shopping afterwards so I would have yummy food for dinner from now on.

Exercise: HIIT 15/Stretch 10

Damn. I am glad that’s over. UGH. Right now I can not even imagine going for a HIIT 30. I have no idea how she catches her breath and slows her breathing down so fast. I mean, maybe it’s editing, but you can tell where they edit in the new to class version and the regular version. All I know is, I take about twice as long of a break in between.

I do have faith that one day I will be able to do the HIIT 30 though and I will be able to do the HIIT 15 and think, “I can’t believe I ever thought this was as hard as I used to.”

{February 20, 2011}   Week 9 Day 1

Breakfast 8am: PB and Banana Shakeology.  mmmm made with water and ice.

Snack 12pm: 2 egg whites and a glass of skim milk.

Lunch: 2:53 pm:  chicken sandwich and 2 baby corn on the cobs

Snack: 5:15pm 2 tblspn dried cranberries, 6 cashews, 1 5.5 oz can of V8

Dinner 7:30 pm Portillos Cheeseburger, fries, large rootbeer, and half a piece of chocolate cake.

I’ve been thinking. The first month I did great. What changed in the second month? I tried to restrict myself. I felt a lot of pressure (from no one, but myself) to lose weight fast, to get the results like the infomercial. I decided that I “SHOULD” be able to go with out food that I love.  I KNOW what works for me.

What I have been thinking is that with the Shakeology, maybe the day after my cheat day could be a “cleanse” day as well as my rest day for working out. I also thought that maybe I could just drink 2 shakes on the cheat day and have a cheat meal for dinner.  Then I thought, why not just have a cheat meal.  I don’t know what I’m going to do yet. Maybe I will try them all. Although I do know that after today any cheat meal will not be on my rest day. That’s how I was doing the best.

This was a hard day. My dog is in a lot of pain and the vet can’t figure it out. He’s miserable and I spent all day worrying about him while he was getting checked out. Not to mention the bill. Almost $400 for no answer.  I can’t believe that. Although Joe assured me that they gave Tux a lot of  X-rays.  They also sent him home with a $40 prescription for 10 pills.

It was just a lot of stress. Not knowing how much the total was actually going to come to if they did figure out what was wrong with him. Then, as I mentioned, I found a few articles online that put me in a worse mood. Questioning whether or not I wasted money, which is either here nor there. I know I didn’t waste the money.

Joe came home from work and said the magic word, “Portillo’s.”  I can’t believe he said that. It’s hard enough to change your own bad habits, but when someone knows your bad habits and is just trying to help you get through the day (there may have been a phone call with tears after the vet appt.)  Well, I can’t not let him be the rescuer.  Then on the way out the door his mom said the other magic words, “Will you bring me back a piece of chocolate cake?”  Portillo’s cake is the most magnificent cake on the planet. (Aside from wedding cake.) I would have been able to ignore any urges, but knowing that someone else in the house would be enjoying some Portillo’s chocolate cake was too much.  Luckily Joe and I have gotten very good at sharing a piece over the years.


{February 17, 2011}   Thoughts

(possibly a long winded rant about my reasons for buying BB products and for being a coach, not meant to push it onto anyone, just MO and reasons. If you don’t want to read about this, I won’t be offended if you just skip this post. :D)

Because I decided to become a coach I did a little research before hand and I am still doing research. I found a great site with somewhat unbiased info on being a coach. He loves the products, but was fired from being a coach. When he was fired he was a diamond coach. That’s pretty high up there. Although he does seem a bit angry and he calls people who are currently coaches stupid, quite a bit.

I am still looking over his page. I too love the products and am happy to have the discounts while I want them. However, I am still unsure how much time and energy I want to put into this. Yes, it’s like Mary Kay and Avon, what you put in is what you get out. However, I don’t know if I want to put a whole lot in. Of course I want to help people, but I am not willing to set aside time I could otherwise use for my art career. (Although if you know me….) So I will probably not make a lot of money, especially with the attitude I have about it.

While I love telling all my friends and family about products that I love, whether I make money or not (hello Burt’s Bees and the Nook, iPad, Santa Fe, avacados), I don’t feel comfortable asking them to be coaches. It seems like the coach thing started out as a way of helping people make money and get fit, but it seems that perhaps somethings are being done to discourage sales for coaches and focus more on bringing in more coaches (more like a pyramid scheme, less like an actual way to make money without ripping off your friends and family). I want to make money before I even tell most people I am a coach. I know, backwards right?
I just started so I don’t know for sure.

The reason I am not going to stop being a coach?

I still want to help people lose weight and if my coach can help  me get to the Emerald level where BB starts giving me customers to help, then I will gladly do it.

I still want my discount. It’s $39 to start, plus $14.99 a month after that. Now, if you do any research about any MLM (Mary Kay), franchises, independent contractor sales (Cutco, I really heart their knives), weight loss groups, gym memberships, etc. You will see that you have to not only pay start up fees, but also monthly fees for most (not all). Weight watchers is probably around $20 a month now, maybe way more. Cutco and Mary Kay are at least a couple hundred to start, do we really need to talk about gym memberships and fees with their contracts?

I would also like to add that one of the guys mentioned that on the before and after stories BB puts results not typical. So does Weight Watchers and I lost 50 lbs with them. The reason results aren’t typical is because people don’t follow the plan or they quit.  Not everyone who buys the product is going to stick it out.

Even after the $14.99 I still save 10-15 a month on the shakeology, after the first 2 orders. I’ve been reading that some people have a problem with this drink and let me say that I was very hesitant to buy it. I like protein shakes, but I was happy with the one I had.  However, my own poor food choices lead me to try it. Almost a week in and I’m not sorry. Yes, of course, whole foods are better, but for now I will continue to add whole foods into my diet and drink shakeology.  It’s a tool for me until I have the habits in place that will help me get my nutrition from whole sources. It’s tasty. It helps me have one meal a day where I don’t have to do anything more than put water and powder in a shaker cup and shake. No need for anything more complicated, no need for a thought, unless I want to add my banana a pb.  Also, thanks to my cousins blender washing trick, even less clean up than any other meal I make.
I also save 25% on all products. I have been thinking about buying Yoga Booty Ballet for a couple of years now. I have purchased Power 90, Slim in 6, ChaLEAN Extreme, and Turbo Fire with out the discount. Joe wanted Insanity, I want the YBB and I was already looking at the Brazilian Butt Lift (can you tell I want a nice backside?) Not to mention I want the deluxe DVD’s for CX and TF. If I save 20 bucks (I don’t know the actual discount for each product) that’s $100 dollars savings. I already have my monthly payments taken care of because of the shakeology plus 10 or 15 bucks, I already bought 2 orders of shakeology so there’s my start up fee.  $100 savings + 15 every month that I use Shakeology. If I’m not making money when I am finished with Shakeology I won’t be a coach any more. I have lost no money that I would not have already spent and I would have saved well over $100 bucks.  Shakeology, with the coach discount is $3 a meal. I spend $6 any time I go to McDonald’s and since I go to Panera almost exclusively now, I spend $12.
I was reading another blog where a fitness model who was at one time employed by BB wrote a review about BB products. He said obvious things, like, you could get the same results from running uphill or sprints. He mocked the programs and someone (maybe a commentor or on another site) mentioned how cheap it is to actually make a DVD.

I know I could get great results by running or lifting at the gym. The problem is, I hate running.  The gym is fine until during the summer when all the teenage boys are there and they take over the weight room. Yeah, it bothers me enough that I stop going. They are jerks. (In my experience)

I get bored with it. I don’t know what to do on my own that is effective. Chalene does.  Not only that but, Chalene’s style motivates me. I was spending 30 bucks a month for a gym I never went to, for classes that had only a couple of teachers that I didn’t really like. Even with yoga or pilates, which I love, I just didn’t like their teachers or the classes were so crowded that I couldn’t get in. But that was the only option around me, unless I wanted to pay a fee just for a yoga class with no pool, cardio, or weight option. Do you know how pissed I am when I actually go to the gym and want to work out, but I can’t get into the class I want? Yeah, I’m the type to turn around and go to McDonald’s and pout with a Big Mac.

Also, I’ve gone to the gym for two months at a time before and saw absolutely no results. NONE. Again, I don’t know what to do. Should I spend the price of those DVDs a month for a personal trainer?

Chicago has nasty weather right now. I don’t even want to take my dogs out in it, let alone haul all my stuff to the gym, change, work out, shower there, change again and with wet-hair travel back home.  Plus that’s not even including that now, travel time would involve some serious walking and train time. At least an hour travel for me. Nope, no gym closer.  Thanks CTA and that teenage girl who ran a red light, totaled Joe’s car, lied to the cops about the red light and had no insurance.

I am way too lazy for all that. It’s hard enough sometimes to get off the couch and go to another room for a work out.

As for the cost of making a DVD, do they not put into account all the hard work, time, and people that go into making them? Some people may find the DVDs expensive. I know I do. But really, I spend more on that in books almost every time I go into a book store. I love books. I’m happy to hand over my money for that.

I’m also happy to pay less than the sign up fee at my gym or personal trainer fee for a set of DVDs that actually make me get up off the couch.

These are just my reasons. I wanted to write this post because I was feeling pretty bummed out by everything that I read. I needed to remind myself exactly why I made the decisions I did. Why I am using these DVDs instead of still paying for that gym I never went to or going outside in frigid weather to plod along in the street because the side walks will not be cleared until a warm front moves in to melt the snow.

Woot Woot!

Can you tell I’m freakin’ excited?

It could be that my first shake of the day is AMAZING good. It’s perfect. Last night Joe’s brother came home with some bananas! Yea, I’m glad the store actually had some again.

Although there is a bit of sad news. I probably won’t get to weigh myself again tomorrow because I don’t think I will be going home. My dog hurt his leg the other day and it’s still really bothering him. He won’t even get up on the couch or bed. He has a hard time climbing the stairs. There are way more stairs to climb at our apartment and he would have to do it 2-3 times a day for the bathroom. I am going to take him to the vet on Saturday if he does not get better by then.  I will take the monthly pictures, although the original sports bra is at the apartment.  But I found the original shorts again.  Life. It’s all about give and take. 😀

Breakfast Shake: Chocolate Banana with PB.

If you were to observe my food habits you would quickly learn I like peanut butter! I will eat it on anything and everything. Peanut butter ice cream? Gimme Gimme.  But nothing is as good as peanut butter and banana. The aforementioned PB icecream? Always mixed with a little chocolate, real peanut butter, and a banana. Ohmigod put me into a food coma right now.  I was so excited to finally try the Shakeology with the banana. I made it with water and a few chunks of ice. It’s the perfect taste and consistency. It’s not too thick at all. I don’t know how that happened considering just pb and water make it thick. I’m not complaining though. And while I am still drinking my glass of water to stay hydrated, I don’t need it to wash the shake down.

And my absolutely lovely and genius cousin mentioned that I should just put soapy water in a blender and let that clean out the blender. It worked. And yes, I felt very slow indeed that I had never thought of that. I’m just really no good at cleaning. I can clean fast, if you don’t mind everything being shoved under the bed, however, I’ve just never been good at the intricacies of cleaning.

Another pb banana shake! MMMMM I can’t wait til I can have third one.

Shake 3: Same as the other two.

(I forgot to take my ritalin in the afternoon so I am not as  happy as I have been lately. Plus Joe and I were going to go out tonight to have a belated VD (hehe) and now he’s going to be 2 hours late. It’s not his fault, but he didn’t even sound bummed out.

I don’t know what we are doing, but if we go out there won’t be a picture any way. I’m hoping redlobster so I can get some tasty crab. No matter where we go I won’t have desert or an entrée, just the main dish. I may have mashed potatoes though. 😀  Maybe baked. We’ll see.

Exercise : Push Circuit 3 (for the last time!)

I have a really hard time reaching failure with the bands on this work out. It’s a bit frustrating, but oh well. I worked hard and hopefully the measurements show it tomorrow.  I will probably take my photos tonight because Joe will be available for them. He will be tomorrow too, but I want them posted first thing with my measurements. 😀

Now that the photos are so close to being taken I am starting to tell myself that I haven’t really changed at all, that it’s just in my head, etc. 😦 I’m trying not to listen and just wait for the photos. Even if the photos don’t show much change, I’m not worried because I know my forearms are thinner, I know my calves are thinner than they have been in years. I know my butt is perkier. The changes may be really small for now, or not show up in the photos (my less dimply derrière or the very small indent that is now on the inside of my bicep when I flex ) but each month I will be a little closer to my goals.  And I’m having a kick ass time in the process.

{February 16, 2011}   Week 8 Day 6!!!!!!!!!

Day 2 of the Cleanse

I woke up starving! I also did not really want the shake, but I told myself to just do it. I made one with peanut butter and yes it tasted delicious. It’s really the thickness of the shake that gets me. I don’t know  how it’s so thick. After the cleanse I may just use half a scoop with the recommended milk/water and have two of them a day as snacks.

I don’t know if it’s really the shakeology or just the timing, but my body seems to be shedding fat before my eyes. I’m very excited for the next 30 days. 90% of the changes in my body seem to have happened over the last couple of days.

Snack: apple

I lost track of time and forgot my second shake! I just wasn’t really hungry and became distracted by a situation. Not The Situation, just a situation.   I also forgot my 3rd fruit.

Snack: 1 apple before work out.

Dinner: Salad (same as yesterday) and a baked potato with a pinch of cheddar, a pat of butter, and a large dollop of light sour cream.

Because I forgot my other shake and fruit I had some calories left over. The thought of washing the blender again really bummed me out so I didn’t feel like making a third shake and having it with dinner. I wanted some tomato soup with saltine crackers like nothing else. It’s a childhood comfort food.  Instead, because I did not want to eat the processed white carb, I went with a natural white carb. It’s a little better right? I ate the skin.

Although the salad was half as big as last night’s, to account for the potato, I did not eat it all. I ate the sprouts, the carrots, the cheese, and the chicken. I left most of the spinach and most of the tomatoes. I just really really hate salad. Seriously. I never want another salad again.  However, if you put that same salad between two pieces of bread, it’s delicious and I will eat it for a week straight.

(I swear, that looks like way more cheese than there actually was. :D)

I did not want to work out. I woke up with a painful headache, but thanks to water, icy/hot on the back of the neck and 2 pain relievers, I was able to fall back asleep for a few hours. It sort of hung around all day, but only noticeable when I moved my head very fast.   That voice in my head was on over drive telling me it’s okay to miss one day, I’ve worked really hard this week already, I’m on the cleanse so it’s okay to say I’m too tired to work out.  BUT I knew that wasn’t good enough. I can’t say I can always shake that voice, as you know, but this time, that voice was not getting the better of me. Soooo:

Exercise: Fire 45 and Ab Burner

I did the 45 with out the new to class option. I keep forgetting that because I don’t have the break downs of each series that I shouldn’t go as hard as I can the whole time. It tires me out pretty fast.  I also realized (half way through) why it seems 45 is so hard for me lately when it used to be my favorite. My shoes.  They are very good running shoes, but they have a lot of traction, especially on the carpet where I work out. There are so many pivets and turns in 45 that my legs are worn out before the first series is over. I took my shoes off half way through and while my toes got a bit of a burn, my legs were much happier.  I was also sweating like the infomercial! It was dripping off my face and my hair was drenched.

I am really starting to love Ab Burner. I do it before the main work out because I know I would bail otherwise. I am getting so good at it and each time I can feel the exercises getting just a bit easier, my abs just a bit stronger.  I am hoping to add Extreme abs back into it next month when there are shorter work outs. I just can’t add 20 minutes onto a 45 or 55 minute work out. It’s a mental thing.

et cetera