Work It! Work It!

{January 27, 2011}   Cont’d.

Right after I wrote that last post Joe came in and wanted to nap. Since I work out in the room he was soon sleeping in I decided that was my excuse. I could have taken my lap top into my studio, but like I said I wasn’t feeling very committed.

There are going to be days when I am too emotionally and physically worn out to talk myself into a work out. That’s just how life goes. Yes I know I would have felt better after a work out. I know that I would not have regretted working out, but I will have to work through my regret of not working out.  However, once I start beating myself up for days that I already feel worn down I will keep doing it.  I will stop wanting to work out all together. That’s not an option for me.

I’m not going to turn this into an excuse to talk down to myself. Yes working out is being good to myself, but once in awhile, allowing myself space to not worry about anything is good too. Tomorrow will be a better day. I don’t have to worry about that Dr. apt any more.  I think that how I managed every other day of the week is something to be proud of. Maybe tomorrow I will come up with a list of rewards or nice things that I can do for myself that has nothing to do with food or exercise. I want exercise to be like brushing my teeth, well it’s not going to be like that over night. I’m working towards it and finding out what I need from myself to make that happen. So if you have any ideas for things I can do on the most stressful days to boost my spirits that have nothing to do with food or exercise I would love to hear them. Next time I will try some.


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