Work It! Work It!

{January 26, 2011}   Thoughts and Mentality


I’m sorry, but if you don’t eat all day you are no more healthy than some one who is obese.

Also I hate, hate, hate it when someone else makes a comment about another person’s body. It’s none of your business. I’m not saying I’m perfect, I do make comments too, usually like “I love her body”, but I will not tell someone else what their body should look like.  It seems like our society has made it a right that other people can tell you their opinion about your body. When men tell women what they think is the perfect body or that a woman should lose weight. F* that. When another woman tells someone to lose weight, who the hell are you?  My business is what my body looks like. That’s it.

Why does this woman care so much about everyone else’s body? Yeah I think it’s good to know what we put in our body and how it effects the brain and chemicals inside the body, but to be offensive about other people and tell them they are not healthy when you don’t eat all day is rude, hypocritical, and very small minded.

I never heard of this woman before and the only reason I know about her now is because I was reading Skinny Emmie’s blog.   This is the only article I have ever read about her.  I also have a pet peeve about people trying to convince people to think like them by being mean and negative. Which is the reason I don’t like most Fox news programs or Michael Moore.  The are just preaching to the choir and won’t actually change anyone’s mind.  They are just causing people to dig further into their beliefs. Same with this lady. She clearly has her own emotional issues with food that she needs to deal with.

Give your body what it needs to function properly and I guarantee you will reap the benefits. It’s impossible not to.  Don’t listen to other people with their weird agendas. Listen to your own body and listen to me when I say, your body wants function at it’s highest level, so let it. You don’t need to do anything crazy.


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