Work It! Work It!

{January 25, 2011}   Week 6 Day 5

Fruit and Nut Muffin!

I wanted the oatmeal again, but I promised Joe I would use minimal dishes today.


Left overs from last night over baked potato

I swear I have pics but I can’t find the cord to hoot the camera up.


It didn’t help yesterday or today with my sleepiness. I think I will try working out before lunch tomorrow to avoid feeling like I’m not going to do it.

Left overs from last night over an avocado. MMMM made me feel better again, slightly.  It’s the omega 3’s I’m sure. Avocado’s just do something for me.

I am stressing out big time. I don’t want to work out at all, but I know that if I do I will feel better. Especially because it’s turbo jam tonight and with turbo jam I can really get into it and work out my anxiety. Not to mention Extreme Abs! The doctor apt on Wednesday has my stomach in knots. I’m surprised I could eat at all. I am going to take a hot bath after working out and with a mug of hot chocolate before bed I hope I can relax. Maybe I will be able to save the Xanax for tomorrow night.

I forgot to mention that a pair of leather knee high boots that I bought over the summer are now easy to zip up! As in, it just zips right up, no pinching the sides together. I would think the leather was just stretching out if the last time I wore them they weren’t still just as tough to put on. Yea for smaller calves!

Exercise: Turbo Jam/Extreme Abs.

I did abs first because a lot of the time I don’t want to do them after a cardio work out so, to make sure I do them they will be first.

I think I am lifting too heavy of weights for my legs. I feel like cardio-wise, I could go a little harder, but my legs are too tired to really go for it. Joe agrees with me. My first clue should have been that I was going heavier than Chalene. Only by 5 lbs, but still. I will go down to 15 or 20 lbs and if I feel like that’s too light I will go lower into the move instead of heavier. Hopefully that will allow me to really push myself during the cardio.


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