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{January 23, 2011}   Thoughts And Some Blogs.

I have been trying to find other weight loss blogs. I want some company. I realized very quickly that most of the blog titles are really negative.  I didn’t even bother clicking on those. A part of my new way of thinking is that I don’t want to be around people who are going to beat themselves up for who they are.  I don’t want to get back into that pattern myself.

Also I don’t want to read about people losing weight and thinking their life is going to be better once they are thin. It’s not their life that sucks, it’s how they see themselves and how they talk to themselves. I have been there and I’m moving on.  The only thing I am waiting to do when I am thin is buy clothes in a new size. It’s just not practical to buy them now. Although before I started losing weight I did buy myself clothes that I liked and that were flattering for my size now.   Or people who act like they’re not really fat, they are a thin person in a fat body. No. You’re fat. It’s fine. It just means that the choices you have made in the past led you there and the choices you are making right now will lead you to being healthy, thin, in shape. To me that just seems like they are not truthfully taking responsibility for their actions.  I don’t want to sound like I’m being negative with those blogs, I’m not. I understand where those people are at. I’ve been there most of my life. I just feel like I know better now so I want to read about people who know better too.  The people who tell themselves they are not really fat are telling themselves that because they are judging themselves or they think there’s a character flaw in people who are fat or they think people who are fat are not as good as people who are thin.


We just made decisions every day, for one reason or another, that weren’t about being in shape.  Maybe we weren’t thinking about being in shape, it wasn’t a priority, or maybe we couldn’t deal with trying to lose weight because we had a million other things going on. There are as many reasons people are over weight as there are over weight people.

Not one of those reasons is because of a character flaw.

I guess I am just thinking about one of the days for the 30 Day Challenge where Chalene Johnson discusses who we give our power to, who we spend our time with.  I want to spend my time with people who know that there’s nothing wrong with who I am or even with the fact that I gained weight. I don’t think I’m a bad person or that I even made bad decisions and now I’m over weight. I’m just someone who had a tough time in school and in order to deal with getting a degree and my emotional health I had to let my weight take the back seat.

Now I’m focusing on being in shape. Not because I am a better person or I realized just how bad of a person I was by getting fat. Because I can.  I now have the ability to put all of my focus on changing my habits, including the way I treat myself.  That I have the opportunity and the support to allow myself the gift of being healthy is something to be rejoiced, not be pushed into, kicking and screaming.

Here are 3 4  that I’ve found so far:

The first post I read was about the day before her Tri and how nervous she was.  I kind of want to do one now. \

He does mention being in a fat suit, but he’s also doing a challenge to help change his way of thinking.

Just browsed through this one, but it seems good so far.

Love this one! Just found it off of the first one.


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