Work It! Work It!

{January 22, 2011}   Week 6 Day 2

Breakfast: Oatmeal (there’s a picture in yesterday’s post now!)

300 Calories

Snack: Coffee

Surprisingly I was not hungry and had to force myself to drink coffee for a snack.

Lunch: Avocado Pita (with sandwich flat instead)

I didn’t know what I wanted for lunch, didn’t even feel like lunch, then I remembered this tasty little number. mmmmm.  Nom Nom Nom Nom. It is so delicious! Once I started making it I couldn’t wait to start eating it.

Snack 2: coffee and 12 almonds.

I was hungry, but definitely needed some caffeine for my work out later.

Dinner: Panera

I wasn’t going to go out to eat tonight, but I wanted to stop by Best Buy and pick up their GoFit Extreme Band Kit for when I am traveling. Panera is down the street and Joe asked if I would take him out. How could I say no?  Also the meal that I had planned to have did not happen. I probably should have had more protein though. I realized, after I ate of course, that there probably isn’t even one serving size of chicken on that sandwich and the rest is all carbs.  I feel silly for not realizing that, but oh well. Tomorrow I will eat protein.

As for the original dinner, I wanted to try a new recipe, but there was failure. That is all.

Exercise: Burn It Off/ Ab Burner

Blah! This is my second favorite cardio. (After Fat Blaster) My body is so weak right now.  I really don’t think it’s a mental block. I went as hard as I could during each exercise (I needed to break after every single one) and by the break I had a killer stitch in my side. During the break I told my Joe that I was going to take it much easier on the second half. HOWEVER I forgot that the second half has all the exercises I  REALLY like to push myself on. I love the screamers and the speed skate and the speed skate with the band. I even LOVE the 3 point stance! I went very easy on the first work out (cuz I don’t really like it and I didn’t remember at that point that I love the second half so much) and then I pushed myself really hard on the next 2 then I just skipped the lateral lunge with lateral raise. I don’t like those anyway, but I was feeling nauseous at that point. Then I pushed myself like crazy towards the finish.

Now my  body is shaking, it’s even hard to type!  Tomorrow is my rest day and then it’s Push Circuit 2. My plan right now is to do Fat Blaster instead of Burn Intervals on my next cardio day. However, if I still feel so weak during the Push Circuit 2 I will take an additional rest day instead of the cardio. This is actually sad for me because I LOVE FAT BLASTER.  I will still do the Fire 45 EZ at the end of the week. I may still do the abs on my day of because my abs are fine.  Taking a day off at this point is not a guilty pleasure.  I won’t beat myself up about it, but I want to avoid it.

The only reason I’m even considering it is because I have worked my body too hard before and guess what, no results. I know the reason my body is feeling this way is because I did the Fire 45 instead of 45 EZ. If I had done a less intense cardio (the one on the schedule) I would not feel this way. I wasn’t even thinking about that, I just wanted to do the work out I liked better. If I was feeling as strong as I did last week, I wouldn’t even consider taking a rest day because I would be feeling unstoppable.  I also do NOT want to injure myself.  That would be the worst because then I couldn’t finish. I’m gonna finish.

Tomorrow on my rest day I am going to try to take a hot bath and possibly do some Crunch’s Candlelight Yoga, by muscles need some lovin’.  I will also fill up on protein. I’m talkin’ steak and eggs baby.

Oh those bath salts I like, not Avada, Ahava at Ulta. Easy to confuse.

Oh and check out my youtube video from last night. I talk about some of the changes I have noticed that are on top of the body changes. So more mental differences.


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