Work It! Work It!

{January 21, 2011}   Week 6 Day 1! *Now with Photos!!

Weekly Weigh In: 189

Total lbs lost: 8!

Weekly Inches lost: 2

Total inches lost: 8.5

I don’t want to list all the inches again. Is that okay? They are listed on the weekly progress page if you are curious.

Yea! I am really looking forward to todays work out. It’s Push Circuit 1. Biceps and triceps. The rest of my body still feels spent, but not in a bad way. I overslept today, by a lot. I think I slept for roughly 11-12 hours. Normally I would be upset by that, but I’m pretty sure my body needed it.

Breakfast: Apple and Cinnamon and Walnut Oatmeal

(Seriously, what do you want from me? It’s oatmeal.)

Brought to you by:

This handy little apple corer. It was 5 bucks in the produce department at our local grocery store. I thought it probably wasn’t going to be worth 5 dollars, but it would be cool if it worked so I thought I would give it a try. It is awesome!  Go buy it. Now.  Of course I use older (i.e. softer) apples for this recipe so it may be a bit harder to use on crisp apples. I just eat those the way nature intended though so whatever.

This is from the Turbo Fire guide. I added a bit of splenda to it, maybe a teaspoon. I also used milk instead of water. Skim milk would add about 95 calories per cup.  I also accidentally made enough for 2 plus extra apple. I don’t like to waste it.  I thought, oh well, I will probably get full after half anyway. I did not. I ate the whole delicious thing. I am going to round up and say that was 300 calories.

Sorry I forgot to photograph it.

Snack 1: Coffee

I was hoping to change my work out today and move it to before lunch. I thought I could work up to first thing in the morning. However, I just realized that I will only be working out an hour or two at the most before my normal time since I woke up so late. Oh well.

Snack 2: apple and 1 tbsp pb

This was after my work out. I skipped lunch because I did  not want to push my dinner back and my lunch came about the same time my dinner normally would. I had my second snack instead and headed to the grocery store.

Dinner: Turkey Burgers with  Baked Potato

(no one will ever accuse me of being a food photographer. also I took the top sandwich flat off to show how big the patty was. all that “butter” is 0 calorie butter spray, 5-10 sprays. this picture makes me want a baked potato again.)

I will share this recipe since I just “made it up.”

1 lb ground turkey

1 packet Dried French Onion soup

1 package crumbled fat-free feta

Mix all together, brown on medium heat for 5-7 minutes (until brown at least 1/2 way up)  then flip and brown for another 5-7 (if the burgers are brown more than half way use less time)

Makes 5 burgers/223 calories

Then I used those whole wheat sandwich flats. mmmm: 100 calories

I also put a little spinach, slice of tomato, a pickle and 1 tbsp Maul’s BBQ sauce: 10-15 calories

Russet Potato : 120 Calories

Spray Butter: 0 calories

Daisy Light Sour Cream 1 tbsp: 20 calories

Total: 478 calories

(They did not have any ground beef that was not 80/20 or 75/25. I was mad! I normally don’t like ground turkey and that’s why I added the stuff to the meat. I did not want to know I was eating ground turkey)

Dessert:  1 sugar free chocolate pudding cup, 1 sugar free strawberry jello cup, 4 tbsp whipped topping

90 calories


This morning (well noon) I noticed that my shoulders are looking lean.  You can actually see my Acromion Process (which is the bony knob on top of the shoulder) and with the improved posture I have now, there’s a shadow of my clavicle. If  I slouch then it’s crazy noticeable.   I’m very excited about these little changes. Every little bit helps me keep going until the next little bit. Eventually all the little bits will be taken care of and the only thing left will be my stomach to change!


Push Circuit 1/Stretch 10

I was really looking forward to this work out, but I felt very weak during it. I lifted the same for biceps and triceps as the week before and I even went to 25lb dumbbells (for a total of 50) for all the squats except the last one, which was 20 (40). However, last week I wrote that I should be fine going to 25, but instead I was beat. I also thought it would be find going to 12.5 on all the biceps, but barely made it through 6 reps on the first set. I really feel like I overworked my body. Luckily tomorrow is an easy cardio and abs day then it’s my day off.  On Saturday I will probably take a long, hot bath to sooth my muscles. I love Avada’s muscle soothing bath salts. Plus I am back to taking a cheat day so my body will get extra calories.  I decided that I really can’t not have a cheat day. At least not yet. I think of something I want and really, the only thing that stops me from eating it, is knowing I will be able to eat it in a few days if I want. And usually the first 3-4 days after my cheat day, even if I see food that’s good, I don’t want it.  It’s the last 3 days that really get me.


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