Work It! Work It!

{January 19, 2011}   Week 5 Day 6!

2 days left in this week! I can not wait. I am more excited about the end of this week than any other. The first attempt at this week did not go so well and the first and only other time I tried this work out I did not make it passed  this week.  I think that once I finish this week I will really believe that I’m going to go all the way. I believe it now, but this week just made me really nervous.

Also I wish there was a way to make this stuff more interesting.  I’m doing the food journaling to keep myself accountable. If you are like me all you really care about are the results photos and maybe some tips. Perhaps once I figure out how to do the youtube videos it will be better. How is it that I’m finding this so difficult? Millions of people have figured this out. Teenage girls who are not smart enough to know they shouldn’t post videos of themselves stripping on the internet have figured this out.  I’m such a  newb.

Breakfast: Egg and Bacon bowl again. I think in the book it’s called the ham and green pepper bake.

I tried it with turkey bacon. I prefer it with the center cut bacon with excess fat removed. I also forgot that I was out of green pepper so I didn’t have that.




Lunch Tuna Sandwich




I tried really hard not to have any today. Alas, ’twas not meant to be. Although I tried to use the coffee as a snack.

Dinner: Panera Cheddar and Broccoli and Chicken Fontega You Pick 2. I also tried to have an apple as my side, but Joe ordered a sour dough roll and I couldn’t stand the tempation so I changed my order.


Push Circuit 3/Stretch 10

I really wish I could get myself to work out first thing in the morning. Unfortunately no matter when I get up or how many hours I have slept my brain does not function for the first two hours. You will be very lucky to get a grunt out of me, unless you are my dogs. Then you will get some, STOP! OUCH! I SAID LAY DOWN!!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!!!!!!! Also, if you are my dogs you should probably stop looking at porn and get off the internet.

Maybe next week I will try to work out first thing in the morning every day. I’ll need to think about it. I’m sure it will help with my coffee intake. The only reason I drink 2 c. a day is so I’m not too tired in the afternoon to work out.

Having a tough day today with my level of progress. My progress is great, but it’s in places I can’t really see and since the place I can see the most is my gut and that’s not changing I was a bit sad.  Then I was in the shower holding my washcloth up to rinse it off and my bicep bulged a little. Talk about feeling sassy.  I was all, did you SEE that bicep? No one answered of course, but ya know.  I also talked to the BF about it on our way to dinner. He said that the change in my back really is drastic. I know I could look at my progress photos, but usually those don’t help. I am pretty good at talking myself out of something and those images have 2 different light sources. The first one is from above, the second is the flash on the camera.  I can tell myself, even though you can tell there’s been a change just on how the bra is fitting, that the only reason my back looks so different is because of the lighting. And that’s what I believe so I’m trying not to look at the photos because I don’t want to talk smack to myself.  Instead I am trying to focus on the changes that I feel, such as the slight soreness in my muscles. You know, the kind that actually feels good. The unexpected bulge of muscle, or the fact that even if my shirt still fits the same I feel better in it.  There’s no way the results in my stomach will happen first, there’s just too much that needs to change before it starts happening in my abs.  I really am okay with that most of time, but we all have our weeks, days, hours and moments like that. The point isn’t to not have those moments, the point is to have them and still push towards our goals.


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