Work It! Work It!

{January 15, 2011}   Week 5, Day 2

Breakfast: Same. Although today I ran out of bacon so tomorrow it will have to be something else.

290 I think.

Snack: Fruit (used bananas since I ran out of strawberries)

64 with strawberries, I’m going to add 10o for the banana.

coffee: 85

Lunch: Shrimp salad mmmmm.


I hate fish more than anything, but you may have noticed I eat seafood a lot.  How, you ask? Lemon juice, Lawry’s garlic salt, and for the fish Mrs. Dash.  Then I broil for 20 minutes or with the shrimp I pan roast. No fish taste or very minimal. I may have already mentioned this technique, but oh well.



12 Almonds


I figured with the 4 oz of skim milk I was getting enough extra protein that I didn’t need 20 almonds


Tilapia and cauliflower

130 I think.

I bought 4 heads of cauliflower on sale over a week ago. I thought at the time I would still be at Joe’s mom’s and her and his brother would be eating it with me. Not the case. Also, you may have noticed that I have no problem eating the same stuff over and over until I can’t any more. If it tastes good I want it. I also tend to get fixated on a food if it’s really good and that’s all I want to eat. Joe would get so pissed at me while I was in school because for comfort food I would sit down with a container of  french onion dip, some lays chips, and an icy coke. I would eat the entire thing of dip. I have never seen someone get so pissed over another person’s eating habits like Joe.  Also, hello 40 lbs.  Now  I haven’t had a coke since October ’09.  Yes I still miss it. I just think maybe one day I can have it again.

Final snack: sugar free jello pudding

60 cal.

I will round up and say that my daily intake was about 1300.


Turbo Jam and Extreme Abs: duration I believe it was 46 minutes.


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