Work It! Work It!

{January 14, 2011}   Week 5 Day 1 redux.

I am not counting calories any more because of this level of work outs I have to up my protein. I don’t feel like doing all that math. What I am doing though is still following the meal plan and if I add something else I will calculate those calories just to make sure I am not going crazy.  My new calorie goal is between 1200 and 1800 with stronger emphasis on protein because of the heavy weights.

Breakfast: Ham and Egg bake (I can’t remember the name, but it’s the first recipe in the Turbo guide)

I used center cut bacon with the fat torn off instead of ham. This breakfast is so good. The bacon is amazing. Just enough salt. Not that I eat a lot of salt. My mom couldn’t eat it because of her kidneys so we grew up with out it. However, sometimes salt is just what I want. The photo really doesn’t do the food justice. It’s damn tasty.  This was a little under 400.

I also had coffee which, since it was concentrated a bit (2 cups worth in 1 c water) I guessed it to be 10 calories. That’s a total of 85 or so. I used less fat free whipped topping.

I almost forgot my snack of fruit salad. It’s supposed to be fruit kabobs, but I don’t see the point in using those sticks when I can just put it all in a bowl. I also don’t know how it came about, but some how I managed to get perfect fruit. Including the strawberries. I think some of the best strawberries I have ever had. MMMMM And they lasted 3 days with no mold!

64 cal.

Lunch: PBJ for 250

Snack: Coffee again. 85

Snack 3 20 almonds (here’s the extra protein for the Push Phase.) 130 I believe

Dinner will be porkchops with the country mustard and delicious spinach and tomatoes with parm. This recipe is beyond amazing. I know the BF will be happy to have it since he is working a 12 today.

382 + extra porkchop for the push protein.

I am using the coffee right now as an incentive to get out of bed. I hope to ween back off of it, but right now it’s a special treat that makes me look forward to moving in the morning. My bed is too comfortable for my own good. Seriously, it’s one of the most comfortable beds in the world. Second only to the bed I had inherited from my mom.


Work out: Push Phase 1.

Still no HR monitor. I know I pushed my biceps because they were shaking from just trying to get a drink of water. Also, they are very pumped up right now. I used to think I was stupid for thinking I could see a difference right after 1 work out. Then I realized of course I should see a difference even after 1 work out. After a work out the muscles are pumped up a bit. Granted it doesn’t last, but immediately after there is an effect.

I am having trouble deciding if I should just buy 12-15 lb dumbbells or just buy the Jillian set of weights that are similar to select tech. The expense is drastically different, but I will be buying them later anyway, essentially wasting the money on the dumbbells now. Look at me, trying to make fitness decisions. 😀


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