Work It! Work It!

{January 14, 2011}   Mulligan!


That was how the last week went. I did not go grocery shopping when I should have and therefore ate horribly for most of the week. Tuesday I was good, but Wednesday I went with some of the worst fast food I could have and had a giant Mt. Dew. I’ve just felt the need for caffeine so much the last week, even though I haven’t had it for over a month. Although, that was the only thing I ate all day.  Sunday I went to the museum with my cousin and BF. We were only there for 2 hours, but we didn’t get home for another 2 hours. (Standing around at home depot for over 45 minutes) By the time I slunk into the house I was bone tired and feeling pretty ill. I was in bed not an hour and a half later at a ridiculously early 930pm. No work out for me.  The rest of the week I just couldn’t get into it. I didn’t know if I wanted to do two work outs or just finish the week with cardio and start over Thursday. I decided to do neither. I was going to start over a few days early, but I kept finding excuses not to. That’s the problem with excuses, they are always there.

Normally I would have quit. I would have given up on myself and the work outs. Not this time. I’m starting month 2 over. I am not going to have a cheat day this week (hopefully this will extend to the whole month, but I don’t want to get ahead of myself.)  I took the whole week off and now I am ready and focused to do better than ever.  I will push myself. I will succeed at this. There’s no reason not to, just excuses.

I weighed myself today just to know the damage and it turns out that I am down 1.8 lbs. If I would have stayed the same I would have been happy, but not gaining and even losing weight gives me a motivational boost to keep going. Granted it could be muscle, but I did work my bis, tris, and glutes last week so I doubt it’s too much muscle. (Let me live in a cloud delusion while I can, please.)

That’s a total of 7 lbs! 3 away from 10!! That is crazy. Ok, so it’s not really crazy since the only logical thing is that I lose weight, but it’s just nice that I’m at this point.  I am closer to 10 than I am to 0! Woot Woot!


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