Work It! Work It!

{January 7, 2011}   Week 5 Day 1!

Weight: 191.8 lbs    35.3% body fat


Chest 42

Hips 45.5

Left Arm: 11.25

Right Arm: 11.5

Left Leg: 21.75

Right Leg: 22

Total Inches Lost: 6.5

Total Lbs Lost: 5.2

Last week was very tough mentally. A few days there was some serious stuff going on with a friend that really stressed me out. Everything is fine now though. It was also tough mentally because the exercise sessions were longer than normal and very repetitive.  But I made it!

Today I spent with the BF. We went to the planetarium and I was eying these puddings, but I was not going to eat anything. He did not eat very much before we left, 2 string cheeses, so he was starving. He saw the puddings and said he would give me a bite. Well of course I didn’t think that was very fair and as I was on the hungry side myself I caved. I also had a skinny marble mocha machiato from starbucks, grande.  Then instead of dinner I just had some animal crackers. That does not make a healthy day.

I have decided that I really need to step up my game with the food. I have been doing well, but I really want to get the most out of this system. So Saturday was my planned cheat day and my cousin is coming up to hang out. If I hang out with her or if I go to a friend’s house for the night my food options will be limited. My plan is, because I already kind of had a cheat day, that I will only allow myself a cheat meal on Saturday. I will probably have a big desert with that meal, but I will make sure that morning and afternoon I eat healthy. This way I can stave off some of the damage from today.

I’m really trying to focus on one week at a time and pushing myself to do a little bit better than the previous week, but not go so crazy that I stop enjoying the process.

Exercise: Push Circuit 1

Duration 35 minutes

Cal 272 (45% fat)/Max HR 218 (114%)/ Avg HR 134 (70%) I think my HR monitor is messing up.  😦

I can not believe how happy I was to get back to lifting weights. It is definitely clear that I do not like cardio. However, I am determined to learn to love it. I do like working up a good sweat and feeling like my body is spent so I just have to focus on those feelings and push myself to get them during the work out and I trick my brain into enjoying it.  Luckily Turbo Fire does that.

I must be looking thinner too. Joe and I went to Panera for lunch and he asked if I was going to get the same thing I normally get and I said yes. He seemed disappointed and when he said he was thinking we could share a You Pick 2 I thought it had to do with the price. He said that wasn’t it and I told him again how what I normally eat is not that many calories and that their cup of  broccoli and cheddar soup is only 190 calories and the sour dough roll is 200 calories he said, “Oh, maybe I won’t get the bread bowl then.”  If he is starting to want to watch what he eats it is because I am looking better.  He’s becoming more self-conscious of what he puts in his body because he sees that I am losing weight. That made me happy. Much happier than him just saying I look thinner.


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