Work It! Work It!

{December 31, 2010}   Week 4 Day 2

Free day with food.

Another reason I don’t want to talk much about my food on my free day is because if anyone is reading this, trying to change their habits too, I don’t want to be part of possibly breaking their stride.

I found myself today, while I was making my breakfast, talking myself out of making as much as I wanted. I made scrambled eggs and I was going to make 4, then I thought about how the other days I only have 2 eggs in an omelet and today I was having scrambled eggs, low fat sausage (which I love) and half a bagel. I didn’t need 4 eggs.  Eating such small portions during the week helps me on my cheat day because I know I don’t need  a plate full of food to feel full.

One of the many great tips I got from Weight Watchers is that if I am going to eat a cake or cookie and I don’t like it or it’s just okay, I should not eat it.  It’s just not worth it.  During college I forgot that. Mainly because I didn’t have much choice. But afterwards it was hard to remember that.

Exercise: HIIT 15/Stretch 10

Duration: 32 minutes/ Cal: 259 (45% fat)/Max HR 170 (89%)/ Avg HR 131 (68%)/ In The Zone: 7 min. 44 sec.

This was really hard. I was glad it was only 15 minutes because I don’t know how I could have done any longer.

I woke up this morning feeling sore. Not the can’t move kind, but the wow, my body did some work yesterday  kind.


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