Work It! Work It!

{December 29, 2010}   Week 3 Day 7!

Yea! Tomorrow is the start of a fresh week. I will be able to put this week behind me.

Breakfast: Same omelet.

Cal: 207

Snack: 12 almonds

Cal 87

Lunch: Southwest Shrimp Salad

Cal. 405

Snack: 12 almonds

Cal. 87

Dinner: Country Mustard Porkchops with Sauteed Tomatoes and Spinach

Cal. 382

Snack 3: Hot Chocolate

Cal. 130

Daily Goal: 1500

Daily Total: 1298

When people say that nothing tastes as good as being skinny/healthy feels, I want to call bull shit.  I’m sorry, but those people have either been dieting too long that they forgot what amazing food tastes like or they are in for a rude awakening.  Having a piece of really amazing chocolate cake or your diet kryptonite of choice is not the problem and yes that first bite does taste as good as being in shape feels. Otherwise the majority of people in this country would not be over weight to begin with. The problem is wanting/needing to have that feeling every day.  I can say this because I’ve lived it. Both times I have gained a lot of weight it has been because my life is so miserable that eating something just because it tastes good and makes me feel emotionally better for awhile is all I had to look forward to.  Is that the only reason people over eat? No, but it’s why I did.  Now I have to learn how to save those fantastic meals for a once in awhile treat while finding healthy meals that taste just as good, better, or good enough.  I would rather have other things to look forward to and be healthy enough to enjoy it. Luckily school is/has been over and I can start taking out the other things in my life that make me miserable and adding in things that make me happy. My goal is to have food no longer be the highlight of my day.

Live Strong, the website for My Plate, has an iPad app.  I will be using that to track my calories and what I ate so at the end of the day I will just be adding it on here. If I try a new recipe I will take a photo of it and input all the nutritional info as I have been.  I am trying to whittle down how long each blog post has been so it’s a little more streamlined.



I was supposed to do 10 minute abs and Stretch 40 today. I discovered 10 minute abs did not come with my set of DVD’s and when I went to do Stretch 40 after about 10 minutes I started feeling really sick. Bending over was exacerbating my headache to the point I was seeing stars.  Luckily I don’t feel bad about missing a stretch day.  If it was a cardio or strength day I would try to push myself to do it. I haven’t felt very good since this afternoon though.  I am going to curl up on the couch with my hot chocolate and an art magazine.  Then I will probably go to bed with a good book on my Nook and cuddle up with my puppies.


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