Work It! Work It!

{December 26, 2010}   Week 3 Day 4

Yesterday was my official cheat day as well as my rest day.  I decided not to post pictures of what I eat on my cheat day or even really write about it. If I’m still focused on it then it’s not really a cheat day is it?

While the holiday is an excuse to eat worse for a couple of days I am really looking forward to eating better tomorrow. I was going to just do it today, but I people were already eating stuff and I opened the fridge and the smell of last night’s dinner wafted out.

I must say I don’t particularly like holiday food. Yes, I look forward to eat it each year, but once I eat it it doesn’t taste nearly as good as some of my healthy recipes (not that the food isn’t good, it is) and I always feel physically bad afterwards.  I don’t understand the need to keep doing it though, year after year.  Maybe  because our society is so geared toward it. It’s a mini-brainwashing.

I must admit starting a diet and exercise program 2 weeks before Christmas was probably not the best idea, but I think it’s better to start at all and work around the holidays than to never start or even just keep putting it off.

I missed (as in wanted to work out, I did not skip it) my work out yesterday, but today I’m slow getting to it. I was looking forward to it when I went to bed last night. I just find doing anything right when I get up tough.  I will get to it though. I am very determined to stick with this. It’s my top priority.


Burn Circuit 2 and Stretch 10

1 hr. 4 minutes

516 Cal. 50% fat/ Max HR 192 (100%) Ave 130 (68%)/ In the Zone: 22 minutes

I can’t believe I burned that many calories while lifting weights. Although if sweat is any indicator then I can believe it.  Why does my monitor always say 50% fat though? One would think it would change.

We all know crabs in a bucket. They are those people who are comfortable with you just the way you are, to the point they don’t want you to change. They also don’t like it when anyone else wants to better their own life because they want company with how miserable they are. Crabs in a bucket like to make snide remarks or talk you out of doing whatever gets you closer to your goal. I’m not saying everyone who does those things is a CIB. Once in awhile is one thing, but it’s the people who do it consistently, those that always talk you down, even if it’s subtle.

I try getting rid of these people or if I can’t do that I just limit not only my time with them, but what I share with them. However, I have a very persistent crab right now. Unfortunately this crab lives in my own head.  I really try to push people to follow their dreams and do what makes them happy.  But when it comes to myself I talk trash.  On days like yesterday when I was not feeling up to working out all day (thanks 2 and a half days of carb loading) and that voice just kept saying, “Do 2 work outs tomorrow,” or, “It’s really okay to skip one work out, you’ll make sure you do all the other ones,” or even, “I’m so comfortable I just want stay here, if I work out I have to move.” I know I will not do 2 work outs in one day. I think I will, but I know I won’t. So on days like yesterday when I end up working out I feel like I have given that voice in my head that just wants to be comfortable and everything the same a kick in the stomach. It doesn’t necessarily make the next day any easier to work out, but the longer I hold out, the more days on the calendar that are scratched out, the harder it will be for me to back out in the future. I won’t want to see an empty day on the calendar.



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