Work It! Work It!

{December 24, 2010}   Week 3 Day 2

For breakfast I had the exact same thing as yesterday. YUM.

207  cal(I added only 10 calories before)/21g protein/ 8g carbs/ 2g fiber/ 8g fat.

Snack and lunch both same as yesterday, however instead of the tortilla I just used a pita and toasted it. Delicious.  I also completely caved right after. My BF’s mom made tomato soup and that is a huge comfort thing for me. It takes me back to winter when I was a kid and the fire place was going and the curtains were open while it was snowing. Considering that it is actually snowing right now I was a prime target.  I was trying to stay away though, but then my BF came up to me, even though clearly I am dieting, with this fancy, delicious cookie that his Aunt and Uncle sent.  He put it right in my face and said “Here, it’s the most delicious cookie ever!” I thought I would nibble it, but no such luck. It was pretty much the most delicious cookie ever.  I had 2 of those and one or two of the very fancy chocolate covered cherries. There was no goo in them.  I also had half a rootbeer.  After the cookie and with the root beer is when I had the tomato soup with unsalted saltines.  It was a small mug full of soup and the cookies were small too, but definitely full of butter and sugar and deliciousness. The soup, cookies, and cherries did not last long enough to take photos of.  I wasn’t even thinking about it.

I’m a bit disappointed that it’s only day 2 of the new eating plan and I already caved, but the BF is really the worst influence. Of course later he will lecture me on what I should be eating.  I know that when Sunday comes around I will be right back to eating healthy again.  There will be left overs galore and that will be hard to deal with, especially when everyone else is eating them. I almost want to take the whole weekend off, but I want results.  Christmas (and because we celebrate on Xmas eve too) is a tough day for everyone and unfortunately the people I spend it with love the traditional meal and junk.  Also none of them are dieting until the New Year so I am the odd one out.  I will just try to keep my portions small and not let it get me down.


1 132.5 cal/28g carbs/5g fiber/4.25g fat/ 2g protein


510 cal./22g. protein/ 73g Carbs/ 17g fat/ 15g fiber + all the other food I ate 😦

Dinner I had sweet and sour meatballs with mashed potatoes. I also decided to extend my cheat day through out the weekend because left overs are the best part and I don’t want to deal with everyone else eating all the stuff I wish I was eating.


Extreme Abs (16 minutes) and Recovery (20 minutes)

Duration: 39 minutes

Cal 217 (50% fat) Max HR 208 (108%) Avg HR 109 (59%) Time in Zone 10 sec.

I’m not sure if that Max HR is correct. I don’t really remember feeling like my HR was very high through out the workout. I guess we will see the next time I do that work out though.


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